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New Ferrari "Formula Uomo" - Web Exclusive

Jun 25, 2008
Eurp_0806_00_z+ferrari_uomo+ferrari_assembly_line Photo 1/4   |   New Ferrari "Formula Uomo" - Web Exclusive

Having been voted Best Place to Work in Italy and, more recently, Best Place to Work in Europe, Ferrari continues to improve its facilities. Company President Luca di Montezemolo stated, "Ferrari is a benchmark for working environment, safety, environmental awareness, energy saving and employee care." To date, over 200 million Euros have been invested in architectural projects over the last 10 years.

Eurp_0806_01_z+ferrari_uomo+ferrari_assembly_line Photo 2/4   |   New Ferrari "Formula Uomo" - Web Exclusive

Today, Montezemolo and CEO Amedeo Felisa presented the latest phase of the "Formula Uomo" program. Two buildings were revealed: a new Company Restaurant designed by architect Marco Visconti; and the New Car Assembly Lines designed by architect Jean Nouvel, winner of this year's internationally prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize.

The restaurant is located at the heart of the Ferrari "village". Designed as a place where employees can meet and socialize, it's surrounded by a partially covered square where workers can relax during breaks. This is the same concept that inspired the creation of new refreshment areas, such as a garden created inside the Foundry.

Eurp_0806_02_z+ferrari_uomo+ferrari_plant Photo 3/4   |   New Ferrari "Formula Uomo" - Web Exclusive

The new Car Assembly Lines are the second addition to the Ferrari campus. These are where the melding of artisan skills and avant-garde technologies is at its most advanced. Every workstation has been designed to improve work quality by reducing worker movement and enhancing ergonomics in a climate-controlled environment. The Lines are surrounded by large windows that open onto a green area featuring the historic red-painted wall of the facility built by Enzo Ferrari in the 1960s.

Eurp_0806_03_z+ferrari_uomo+ferrari_plant Photo 4/4   |   New Ferrari "Formula Uomo" - Web Exclusive

With regard to environmental protection and energy saving, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa introduced the two latest projects: a photovoltaic system and a trigeneration plant."These new energy generations plants," said Felisa, "will allow us to cut the amount of electricity we take from the national grid by 25% and reduce our CO2 emissions by 35%.
"This emphasis on environmental awareness has also led to the extension of the green areas both inside and outside the company buildings. Thus far we have planted over 1000 trees along the central boulevard named in honour of Enzo Ferrari and the streets that open off it. The objective of this urban planning is to provide pedestrian walkways and cart routes for production services. We will also be adding a series of shelters in which over 100 bicycles will be parked for employees to use when moving around the campus."Also presented today was a series of new services for employees and their families, which range from free medical/fitness check-ups to home loans, personal loans, and discounts on school and university textbooks.

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