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The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

The latest Eurotuner car news, products and rumors...

Nov 20, 2008
Eurp_0811_01_z+etuner_news+volkswagen_mk6_golf Photo 1/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

VW Mk6 Golf Revealed
Five generations, 34 years and over 26 million vehicles after the original Golf went on sale, the sixth generation has been unveiled. The new Golf is claimed to be the safest, most technically advanced yet. The exterior combines elements from the latest Scirocco and previous generation Golf, while the interior is fairly simple. It's also said to be the quietest Golf yet with a new door design, seals, windscreen and engine mounting system. Perhaps the coolest feature is the adaptive chassis control, allowing drivers to select normal, comfort or sport modes for the suspension, steering and throttle response. Europeans will see '09 Golfs in January, with three TDI and four gasoline-powered models to choose from. As for the US, expect to wait another year as usual...

Eurp_0811_03_z+etuner_news+m3_software Photo 2/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

BMW M3 Software
Active autowerke * MSRP: Website
After dissecting the ignition timing, fuel delivery and part throttle maps of the latest 4.0 liter V8 in the new E90/92/93 M3, Active Autowerke designed a software upgrade to create pure performance gains. The software uses factory octane ratings and is emissions compliant. AA claims the software will yield 15hp in isolation, but expect more if you also install its exhaust and intake package.

Eurp_0811_07_z+etuner_news+head_bolt Photo 3/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

1.8T Head Bolt Kit
034Motorsport * MSRP: $185.00
Before rebuilding your 1.8T, you'll need a good set of fasteners to ensure a secure motor. 034Motorsport now has a head bolt kit for all 1.8T 20v applications. Using Pro Series ARP2000 bolts, you can feel safe knowing the bolts are cold-forged and heat-treated to ensure molecular integrity. ARP claims the bolts are rated to 220,000 psi, which is 40% more strength than OE bolts. In case you have to take your motor apart again, the bolts are reusable as well.

Eurp_0811_04_z+etuner_news+clarionmind_navigation Photo 4/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

Clarionmind Navigation
Clarion * MSRP: Website
The new ClarionMiND debuted at the '08 CES show as a concept but is now finally a reality. Not just a portable GPS navigation device, the ClarionMiND showcases real-time points of interest using the Internet. Based on the new Intel Atom processor, it connects to the net using either WiFi or bluetooth and allows you to browse the web. Its computer-like interface also has optimized functions for viewing MySpace or YouTube on an 800x480 pixel touchscreen.

Eurp_0811_05_z+etuner_news+carbon_pedals Photo 5/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

Carbon Pedals
Shutt Auto * MSRP: Website
One of the most appealing pedal sets to hit the market, Shutt Auto announced its new Steel Carbon pedals. Imported from Australia, the pedals are both light and strong with an impeccable look. It draws inspiration from similar carbon pedals used in motorsport. If you have a carbon-themed interior, these might fit your build.

Eurp_0811_09_z+etuner_news+bmw_e90_tailights Photo 6/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

BMW E90 Tail Lights
Hella * MSRP: Website
When choosing a tail light upgrade for your BMW, look no further than Hella. Its new lamp for the E90 3-Series sedan features clear turn signal indicators that light amber with stealth-design bulbs. Optics within the light accentuate the parking light and OEM fitment means fitting won't be a headache.

Eurp_0811_10_z+etuner_news+passat_cc_gold_coast Photo 7/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

VW Passat CC Gold Coast
With the new VW Passat CC hitting dealers this year, Volkswagen of America is already preparing a lineup of options for the car. It debuted this special version called the CC Gold Coast at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance last August. It features an unmistakable front-end with two cross-struts. There's also more aggressive valances plus side skirts. A tri-coat of gold, brown and silver paint was applied to compliment the car's character. The rear end uses large-surface dual tail lights, while the CC sits on 19" propeller-style wheels. The interior has four ergonomic sport seats wrapped in leather, and under the hood is a 3.6L TFSI, rated at 280hp and 265 lb-ft with a six-speed DSG transmission. With the CC expected to be priced below $30k, it's hoped this will inspire future owners to modify their CLS-look-alike Passat CC.

Eurp_0811_11_z+etuner_news+pnd_k3_navigation Photo 8/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

PND-K3 Navigation
alpine * MSRP: $550
Portable navigation devices keep getting better each year and Alpine's newest PND-K3 is one of the nicest we've seen. With its sleek size and updated looks, it's been programmed to give the fastest vehicle positioning using three different technologies. The PND-K3 even works in tunnels! Alpine has also invested heavily to ensure the voice instructions are natural and easy to understand. Other highlights include a 4.3" touchscreen display, built-in SD card slot, MP3 playback, preloaded maps and six million points of interest.

Eurp_0811_12_z+etuner_news+mini_cooper_s_exhaust Photo 9/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

Mini Cooper S Exhaust
Borla * MSRP: Website
The new Mini Cooper S gets plenty of go from its 1.6 liter turbocharged inline four cylinder engine, but Borla now has two different exhausts to improve exhaust flow and give a healthier tone. Both systems are lighter than factory and give an aggressive sound at wide-open throttle. Thankfully, during low speeds, the exhaust remains quiet. The S-type version features a less restrictive muffler while the Touring muffler is more refined. Both exhausts are finished with twin 4" polished tips.

Eurp_0811_14_z+etuner_news+bmw_forged_wheel Photo 10/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

BMW Forged Wheel
hamann * MSRP: Website
Earlier this autumn, Hamann introduced its newest forged wheel, the HM Evo Forged. It's a variation on the current HM Evo wheel but with the lightweight benefit of forged technology. A 20x8.5" wheel weights 24 lb, for example. The design has been specifically engineered for the current BMW lineup including 3-Series, 5-Series and M models. Available in 20 and 21", the wheel is unmistakable by its triple-spoke design and dark anodized surface.

Eurp_0811_18_z+etuner_news+billet_oil_cap Photo 11/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

Billet Oil Cap
JcapsOnline * MSRP: $49.99-54.99
After discovering JCapsOnline at Waterfest (et 10/08), we wanted to show you another new item from its line of billet products. This oil cap is a replacement for Audi RS4 and VW 2.0T. It's a shallow cap to fit the engine cover and comes in either black anodized or machined aluminium finish. The cap installs by simply pressing it over the OE cap and is then screwed in.

Eurp_0811_15_z+etuner_news+bmw_335i_sway_bar Photo 12/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

BMW 335i Sway Bar
DFtrac * MSRP: $750.00
Giving the BMW E92 335i a better suspension balance is this new adjustable rear sway bar from DFtrac. The two arms of the bar reach down from the links to a hollow 1" tube that straddles the chassis to enable better stability and less understeer. The bar weighs a tad over 6 lb and sits below the main suspension. It also adjusts to offer stiffer handling for high performance driving or looser for daily driving.

Eurp_0811_16_z+etuner_news+schnitzer_bmw_m3_cabrio Photo 13/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

Schnitzer BMW M3 Cabrio
The ultimate BMW 3-Series Convertible just got a little better with AC Schnitzer's newest products for the E93 M3. Already an amazing sports car from the factory, Schnitzer kept its lineup simple, starting with hood vents to amplify the sound of the intake during acceleration. The wheels are Schnitzer's latest forged Type Vrims measuring 20" all round. And for improved stopping power, apair of eight-piston big brakes has been fitted to the front, while its signature exhaust improves the sound of the 4.0 liter V8. Check out for pricing and availability.

Eurp_0811_17_z+etuner_news+bmw_x6_widebody Photo 14/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

BMW X6 Widebody
Strictly Foreign * MSRP: Website
When BMW's first crossover was launched earlier this year, its highlight was the new twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8 engine option. However, Strictly Foreign saw an opportunity to transform the coupe with an aggressive styling package. This widebody example looks like a concept car, but SF is planning to offer the stunning package soon. The kit will include new bumpers, fender arches and side skirts.

Eurp_0811_13_z+etuner_news+black_&_decker_smart_scan Photo 15/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

Smart Scan
Black & Decker * MSRP: $79.99
Here's an easy new way to view your check engine light without running to the dealer or purchasing other expensive products. Black & Decker has developed this SmartScan tool to plug into the OBD2 port found in most cars built after '95. It's a universal tool, so should work on your VW or your mom's minivan. The LED display will show the exact fault code but you'll have to look on Black & Decker's website or in its owner's manual to discover the exact problem the code relates to. There's also a color indicator light to tell you if the problem is major or minor. Not a bad tool to keep in the car at a reasonable price. We hope to be testing this device soon, so stay tuned.

Eurp_0811_21_z+etuner_news+audi_tt_carbon_cover Photo 16/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

Audi Tt Carbon Cover
Osir Design * MSRP: $599.99
Go big or go home! This new carbon jacket from Osir Design will grab all the attention at the next car show. Available for the new Audi TT, the jacket is produced in three pieces and constructed from hand-made carbon. It matches the carbon engine cover and front mask already available from Osir.

Eurp_0811_19_z+etuner_news+proform_perfect_launch Photo 17/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

Perfect Launch
Proform Parts * MSRP: Website
Now you can drag race in your backyard, literally! Proform Parts typically appeals to American muscle, but its new Perfect Launch caught our attention. The product is a portable Christmas Tree that's intended to help you practice and improve your launch and reaction times. It uses a remote thumb trigger and can be set to different delays. It's a good way to fine-tune your launching skills so you're ready to hit the drag strip.

Eurp_0811_22_z+etuner_news+bmw_e46_chamber_plates Photo 18/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

BMW E46 M3 Camber Plates
H&R Springs * MSRP: $569.99
Here's something for the weekend warrior. BMW E46 M3 owners can now use H&R's camber plates to adjust between -1.0 to -3.5 of camber. It will adjust the strut angle to ensure your M3 has the most traction around any road course or canyon road. You won't have to worry about wear and tear either, as these pieces are CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum billet and finished with Mil-spec hard anodizing.

Eurp_0811_20_z+etuner_news+motorstorm_pacific_rift Photo 19/19   |   The Latest News, Products And Rumors - ETuner News

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
Evolution Studios * MSRP: $59.99
The new Motorstorm: Pacific Rift video game for the Sony Playstation 3 should be available before Christmas, but we played a demo copy prior to its release. The game is a sequel to the original Motorstorm, so features the same frantic offroad racing action in a variety of vehicles. One of the biggest changes is the courses and graphics, with the action taking place in a tropical jungle. The new game also incorporates a smarter artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time track deformation. New vehicles include a monster truck class in addition to the ATVs, rally cars, motorbikes and race trucks. If AI isn't your taste, play a four-player split-screen game at home, or go online for more action. There's even rumors that new tracks and vehicles will be downloadable in the future.



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