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Racebred Lotus 2-Eleven GT4

Lotus GT4 Supersport racecar

Dec 9, 2008
Eurp_0811_01_z+Lotus_211_GT4+full_view Photo 1/1   |   Racebred Lotus 2-Eleven GT4

Building on the success of the 2-Eleven road and track variants, Lotus Sport has developed this GT4 Supersport racecar to compete in the European SRO GT4 Supersports category.

The Lotus Sport GT4 Supersport pushes the limits to the extreme: wearing a dramatic composite body, full rollcage and with increased power plus a sequential gearbox it provides a race-winning package. The GT4 Supersport also offers an advanced aerodynamic package.

Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus said, "Lotus has an enviable motor racing heritage that includes some of the most successful racing cars in history. We are confident the 2-Eleven will continue our winning tradition and become a classic of the future. The 2-Eleven GT4 Supersport offers one of the most cost effective, competitive and easiest routes into this level of motorsport".

Lotus Sport has increased the power and torque available in the GT4 Supersport to 270hp and 182 lb-ft from the standard supercharged car's 255hp engine. The increases have been gained through improved induction and exhaust systems, and with a high-ratio supercharger drive system for increased boost. To maximize the upgrades, the engine management has been remapped.

Lotus Sport is offering a six-speed sequential gearbox with a centrally mounted push/pull lever and gear selector display. The gearbox is integrated with the engine management system to allow flat shifts up through the 'box and an "autoblip" rev-matching system on down changes. This transmission offers lightning-quick gear changes, shaving important tenths off each gear change. A plate-type limited-slip differential, employed to improve traction out of corners competes the setup.

There will be an initial run limited to 10 cars priced around $140,000 with delivery dates in March for the '09 racing season. Some GT4 Supersport features can be retro-fitted to existing 2-Elevens, offering increased versatility and allowing owners to upgrade their car as they hone their skills.

The 2-Eleven double wishbone suspension is uprated with stiffer springs and dampers. The dampers are the race-proven two-way adjustable Ohlins units, allowing the handling to be fine-tuned for optimum track setup. The rear suspension has been upgraded with the addition of race-spec rear toe links. Semi-slick AO48 Yokohama tires are fitted as standard.

Another new addition for 2009 is the Lotus-manufactured FIA-compliant carbon fiber race seats. The Lotus Sport seats are HANS-approved and are complimented with a Schroth six-point race harness. A 70 liter FIA-approved bag tank is fitted as part of the GT4 Supersport spec, along with a plumbed-in fire extinguisher system. A concession to easier ingress and egress comes in the form of a removable Lotus Sport steering wheel.

The GT4 Supersport has a rigid tonneau cover to improve aerodynamics. The aero package has significant levels of downforce generated by a carbon fiber rear wing and diffuser, balanced by a deep front splitter. The GT4 Supersport generates up to 176 lb of positive downforce at 100mph, which is over 10% of the car's weight.

The racecar retains the sports tuned ABS, variable traction control and launch control systems available on the current 2-Eleven. These systems have been thoroughly tested and give exceptional control in a wide variety of conditions.



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