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Citroen Inside DS Concept Car - Web Exclusive

Feb 6, 2009
Eurp_0902_01_z+citroen_ds_concept+front_view Photo 1/7   |   Citroen Inside DS Concept Car - Web Exclusive

At 90 years of age, and on the birthday of its founder, Andre Citron, French car manufacturer Citron is turning a new page in its history. It is beginning a global brand project that encompasses a new visual identity, a new relationship with its customers and an new line of automotive products.

In a difficult economic climate, and in a period of changing relationships between customers and brands, Citron is taking action and reinventing itself. The marque aims to pursue the excitement generated by the success of its products launched over the past ten years, by enhancing the Citron brand to strengthen and support the range.

Eurp_0902_02_z+citroen_ds_concept+rear_view Photo 2/7   |   Citroen Inside DS Concept Car - Web Exclusive

The new identity has been developed jointly by Citron's marketing and styling teams and and outside agency. The traditional chevrons in its logo have broken free from their frame and become three-dimensional. Bridging Citron's past and future; a deeper red is used for the new typography.

As part of a far-reaching revamp of its business practices, the company has examined what it's customers want and is launching a new line of products to broaden its current range. The new line will consist of three new cars, positioned in the small, medium and large car segments, launched successively from 2010.The first illustration of this new product line is the Citron DS INSIDE concept car. The concept and vehicle line are characterized by forthright choices on styling, performance and use.

Eurp_0902_03_z+citroen_ds_concept+side_view Photo 3/7   |   Citroen Inside DS Concept Car - Web Exclusive

The new line will also have a new naming system: the DS line, representing Different Spirit. The original DS remains the best-loved and best-known Citron of all time. It stood and continues to stand for a new approach to automobiles. Citron is taking inspiration from its design DNA to strengthen the positioning of its new product line. The range instills the different spirit, that the name DS inspires. Hence the distinctive model line up will be called DS3, DS4 and DS5.

Eurp_0902_04_z+citroen_ds_concept+emblem Photo 4/7   |   Citroen Inside DS Concept Car - Web Exclusive

This new naming system will place the cars above the current C line1, giving the DS3 more luxury than the C3, for example.

Unfortunately, while we learned a great deal about Citron's new image, approach and philosophy, very little information has been released about the DS Inside concept. So enjoy the photos and we hope to have more details about this exciting supermini after its Geneva auto show unveiling.



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