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BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

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Jul 1, 2009
Eurp_0907_02_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+2_0_tfsi_downpipe Photo 1/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

2.0TFSI Downpipe
Awe Tuning
MSRP: $999.95
Ditch your restrictive factory downpipe on your 2.0T-equipped car in favor of a high-flow unit from AWE Tuning. These powerful pipes feature a high-flow cat, 2.5" tubing and are constructed of 100% stainless steel. Bolt one of these bad-dogs up and you'll see up to 20hp and 14 lb-ft. The fit is said to be factory perfect and considering they're TIG- and MIG welded as well as mandrel-bent means they're as pretty as they are potent.

Eurp_0907_03_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+bmw_skidplates Photo 2/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

BMW Skidplates
Race Skids
MSRP: Website
Ever slammed your oil pan on a speed bump in your lowered car, only to wish Wyou had a skidplate? Better yet, have you ever blown-open your oil pan and ruined your motor? If you answered yes to these questions and drive an E30 3-Series, you're the prime candidate for a skidplate from Race Skids. These armored plates are made from 10-gauge steel, bolt up in 30min and come with all the necessary hardware.

Eurp_0907_04_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+analog_afr_gauges Photo 3/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

Analog AFR Gauges
MSRP: website
The power pros at AEM have raised the bar again with the new line of analog AFR gauges. If you prefer analogue dials, these accurate gauges will be up your alley. They're accurate to within 0.1 AFR thanks to a high-tech Bosch sensor. They come in seven different backlight colors and sport two status lights in the event of an error detection. What's more, you can also hook them up to an EMS for datalogging.

Eurp_0907_05_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+mothers_powercone_products Photo 4/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

The Powercone
MSRP: Website
The latest addition to the PowerBall line of polishing tools is the new PowerCone. Designed to fit into tight spaces as well as broad, curved areas, the PowerCone is versatile (like a gymnast girlfriend) but won't scratch your ride since it's made of soft, professional-grade foam. Fitted to a power drill, simply add Mothers polish to the mix and your chrome or aluminum will bling with the best of 'em.

Eurp_0907_06_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+bmw_135i_exhaust Photo 5/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

BMW 135i exhaust
MSRP: Starting at $686.25
Let your inline-six scream with the new Mach Force-XP exhaust from aFe. If you have a 135i, you can increase output by a claimed 11.5hp and 9.5 lb-ft with the new system. Constructed from 3" stainless steel, it's sure to shine and fabricated to flow. The system bolts up easily and uses the stock hangers, saves over 15 lb and looks great with the polished twin tips. Let your 135i be heard with an aFe exhaust.

Eurp_0907_07_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+mini_strut_tower_bar Photo 6/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

Mini Strut-Tower Bar
MSRP: Website
Stiffen your Mini with a strut-tower bar from Cusco. A respected name in the import world, Cusco is embracing the Euro scene with its new line of suspension braces. These STBs come in a full aluminum finish or can be optioned with a carbon center brace. If crisper turn-in and a stiffer chassis sound good for your Mini, take a look at Cusco's line of badass braces.

Eurp_0907_08_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+compvt_subs Photo 7/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

Compvt Subwoofers
kcicker Audio
MSRP: Starting At $249
Pack some bass without the weight or the space, with the new line of Kicker CompVT subs and sub/enclosure systems. Designed for big boom, they offer unique four-layer voice coils and a sturdy injection-molded cone for serious pounding. The compact 8" sub is good for 400W at peak and a stout 200W RMS. For loud lows under three-bills, Kicker has got you covered.

Eurp_0907_09_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+vorsteiner_e90_m3 Photo 8/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

Vorsteiner E90 M3 Sedan
MSRP: website
Give your sleek E90 BMW M3 sedan a sleeker look with the new Aero kit from Vorsteiner. This lightweight aerodynamic kit comes with a dry carbon lip, rear diffuser and trunk. All pieces weigh a fraction of their stock counterparts, are made from durable yet exotic dry carbon and are designed with an aerodynamic shape. If you're after subtle aggression for your E90 M3, check out Vorsteiner's new line of exterior add-ons.

Eurp_0907_10_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+ate_rotors_pads Photo 9/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

ATE Rotors And Pads
MSRP: Website
Pronounced "Ah-tay", the new PremiumOne rotors and pads are like tossing an anchor out of your moving car. Engineered beyond the standards of an OEM rotor, the vented and slotted discs keep cool under extreme conditions, and the unique pad compound will bite hard but stay intact under extreme heat.

Eurp_0907_12_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+vmr_v713_wheels Photo 10/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

VMR V713 wheels
Velocity Motoring
MSRP: Website
Dressed to impress and designed to dominate, the new VMR V713 wheels from Velocity Motoring sport an aggressive V-spoke design with unique concave face. Available in various sizes and widths for most Euro applications, these hellacious hoops are sure to bring out the best in your wells and set you apart from the norm.

Eurp_0907_13_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+bmcw_e36_handling_package Photo 11/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

BCMW E36 Handling Package
Hotchkis Suspension
MSRP: Website
Transform your E36 BMW 3-Series into a world-class carver with the new Hotchkis suspension kit. Ready to rip, the kit comes with front and rear sway bars, rear subframe reinforcements, adjustable rear end-links and greaseable heavy-duty poly bushings. The combo is autocross- and track-tuned for max performance and should stiffen things up very nicely.

Eurp_0907_14_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+g_oil_green Photo 12/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

G-Oil 5W-30 Green Motor Oil
In addition to its range of environmentally-friendly car cleaning products, Green Earth Technologies announced it's been granted the API Service Symbol for the SAE 5W-30 weight of its green motor oil, G-OIL. The biodegradable oils met and passed all the engine test criteria for The American Petroleum Institute SM. GET will roll out G-OIL 5W-30, followed by 10W-30 and 5W-20 by the summer. This will represent the majority of oil requirements and will be priced comparatively to synthetics and similarly performing products. Unlike traditional petrochemical-based motor oils, Green Earth Technologies' G-OIL is made with American-grown renewable animal fats. These saturated fats, whose molecular single-bond carbon chains are similar to common petroleum oils, have no harsh effects on the environment, and drastically cut our dependence on foreign oil. Consider that it takes three barrels of crude oil to make one barrel of motor oil, but it only takes one barrel of animal fat to produce one barrel of G-OIL and thus will reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Eurp_0907_15_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+m3_exhaust Photo 13/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

Remus E90/E92
M3 Exhaust
Remus Sport Exhaust
MSRP: $1422
The latest "US Sound" system from Remus for the BMW E90/E92 M3 (and E39 M5) have been on fire for several months. They are based on the quieter "Sports Label" systems introduced last year, but the louder "US Sounds" apparently produced an extra 10hp in the Remus Sound Dyno cell in Austria using European fuel with no other mods. The new systems have less back pressure and provide a rich, deep, throaty sound. And if you want to hear it, there are numerous sound clips on YouTube.

Eurp_0907_17_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+850_series_twin_disc_clutch Photo 14/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

850 Series Twin-Disc Clutch
Clutch Masters
MSRP: Website
When it comes to making big power, Clutch Masters has the answer to put power to the ground with compromising drivability. Its new 8.5" "850 Series" twin-disc units are rated at a range of 600-1200hp, and with the option of two different friction disc combinations, they should meet the needs of everything from a daily-driver to the most extreme racer.

Features include a billet aluminum cover, heat-treated diaphragm spring and a billet aluminum flywheel complete with a replaceable steel friction insert. The kit includes the throw-out bearing along with all the necessary hardware for installation. All components are interchangeable, making it easy and affordable to maintain and extend the life of the unit. The new 850 Series is available for most popular European applications.

Eurp_0907_18_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+alpine_underground Photo 15/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

Alpine Underground Website
Alpine Electronics is bringing car and music fans to its new online community: Alpine Underground. The new site is a multi-faceted destination that gives enthusiasts a place to share, listen, learn or just engage with other enthusiasts.

It consists of "Garage" for car enthusiasts, "Rock the Dash" for music and "Pulse" for news, events and sharing. Users can connect with other consumers who share their enthusiasm and also stay up-to-date on the latest news from Alpine. You can even create a personal profile and upload photos of your Alpine-equipped vehicle, where other users can view or rank the vehicle. Emerging artists will also have the chance to be seen and heard by posting up to five songs and have the Alpine Underground community listen and vote for their favorites.

Eurp_0907_19_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+pioneer_subs Photo 16/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

Pioneer Subwoofers
MSRP: From $120
Pioneer is pulling out the stops with its new line of subs. For the ultimate in sound they've got the new line of Champion Pro Series subs that start at $150 and can handle up to 3000W of power. For those looking for boom without the room, the new line of ib-Flat Shallow subs are designed to make big bass in a small box for as little as $200.

Eurp_0907_20_z+bmw_135i_exhaust_other_products+falken_tire_website Photo 17/17   |   BMW 135i Exhaust & Other Products - ETuner News

Falken Tire New weBsite
Falken Tire announced its redesigned website also for ease of navigation and improved load times. The Pro-Fit guide also returns. It allows visitors the opportunity to locate replacement or upsized wheel and tire fitments for their vehicles through Falken's product offerings. Also included is an improved motorsports section, comprising Falken's inhouse efforts in the American Le Mans Series and Formula Drift. You can get to the drivers and spokesmodels through event photography, streaming videos and biographies.



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