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Nurgurgring Police Get Stricter - Web Exclusive

Jul 31, 2009
Eurp_0907_00_z+nurburgring_police+illegal_modifications Photo 1/1   |   Nurgurgring Police Get Stricter - Web Exclusive

A new crackdown has been launched in and around the Nrburgring region by the RheinlandPfalz Police. They are sending out a message to all visitors that their vehicles will be seized and may be impounded if their owners do not have the correct "original" documentation.

In addition, a range of popular vehicle modifications has been identified and judged to be unsafe for driving around the Eifel area and also the Nrburgring.

Driving in Germany is normally trouble-free since the roads are in excellent condition and German drivers are both well-trained and cooperative. The German autobahns are famous for being some of the few public roads in the world without blanket speed limits. However, visitors should also be aware that with the high-alcohol content of German beverages, it doesn't take long to hit the low alcohol limit

One very popular destination for travelers is the Nurburgring. The racetrack is open to anybody with a road-legal car or motorcycle and costs a few euro dollars to pay for the toll.

Nurburgmotorsport recognised the growth of English speaking visitors and so the new company was set up two years ago to provide a range of support services to Visitors from all parts of the English-speaking world. As a local company, regular meetings are held with all the main authorities in the area.

Owner Ken Harris explained, "I met with Herr Linden - Polizeiinspektion Adenau (Chief Constable) as part of ongoing discussion for project Open Road (Projekt Freie Fahrt). It aims to promote "Best Practice" for visitors to the Nurburgring. We discussed topics such as the New Ring Damage Insurance, which my company offers and also the details of the mandatory Visual Vehicle Inspection.

"It was a shock to learn the rules will be strictly applied and there is now a full collection of Police photographs showing items on vehicles judged to be dangerous. So having your vehicle approved in your own country may not now be enough to satisfy these stricter local rules, and you need to keep the original car documentation with you, because photocopies are not accepted," he continued.

The Vehicle Inspection is now being updated and will include advice and assistance to comply with the latest Police rules and regulations, as part of the Visitor Support only available from Nrburgmotorsport UG and other appointed garages.

By permission of the RheinlandPfalz Police the photographs pertaining to cars can be seen at

NurburgMotorsport can provide assistance for an enjoyable and safe stay at the Nurburgring. From travel booking, Ring Insurance, airport pickups, accommodation, servicing and repair and driver training, to car storage or renting a new one. And they will soon have new Lotus Elise car rental packages including Allianz insurance cover.



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