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Pirelli P Zero Tires Selected For Finest Sports Cars - Web Exclusive

Jul 5, 2009
Eurp_0906_03_z+pirelli_p_zero_tires_sports_cars+alfa_romeo_8c Photo 1/5   |   Pirelli P Zero Tires Selected For Finest Sports Cars - Web Exclusive

Pirelli again confirms its position at a top tire manufacturer by being confirmed as technological partner for some of the world's most prestigious sports cars: the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, Ferrari 599 HGTE, Aston Martin V12 Vantage and Lotus Evora. These supercars will be launched in the coming days with Pirelli P Zero tires.

Presented at the Geneva auto show, the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider will be launched officially at Balocco in the next few days with P Zero tires (245/35 ZR20 and 285/35 ZR20). The P Zero is the latest evolution in tire design from the Pirelli research team. Covered by five patents, the P Zero has an innovative compound, structure and tread design, and was specifically developed for the latest generation of high-performance cars to guarantee the greatest driving pleasure and safety.

P Zero's sportier compound - the P Zero Corsa - was designed with two different tread patterns. It guarantees total grip in corners, under acceleration and braking. These characteristics make it ideal both for the track and for the most demanding road conditions - that is why it was chosen for the Ferrari 599 HGTE (245/35 ZR20 and 305/35 ZR20 sizes), while the British Aston Martin V12 Vantage also went straight for the P Zero Corsa (255/35 ZR19 and 295/30 ZR19).

Eurp_0906_04_z+pirelli_p_zero_tires_sports_cars+ferrari_599 Photo 2/5   |   Pirelli P Zero Tires Selected For Finest Sports Cars - Web Exclusive

Additionally, the Evora is the first all-new Lotus to be released since the iconic Elise roadster in 1995. The launch at Loch Lomond in Scotland earlier this month gave the perfect opportunity to drive the exhilarating Evora on its original equipment Pirelli P Zeros, experiencing firsthand how the partnership between car and tire really works.

The Lotus Evora will serve as a reference point for many ultra-high performance vehicles. It provides superior grip and sharper steering response and feel thanks to the homologated tire size on the Evora of 225/40 ZR18 on the front and 255/35 ZR19 on the rear.

Mathew Becker, Executive Engineer of Vehicle Dynamics for Lotus believes the Pirelli P Zero enhances the dynamic performance of the Evora. "The Lotus Evora has been developed to deliver class-leading steering and handling performance, while maintaining excellent ride quality. The exceptional ability of Pirelli's P Zero enhance these vital elements, and we have been impressed with the excellent steering linearity and consistent grip levels this particular tire provides in all conditions."



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