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Nissan GTR Is The Fastest Fire Fighter At The Nurburgring - Web Exclusive

Aug 14, 2009
Eurp_0908_01_z+nissan_gtr_emergency_vehicle+front_view Photo 1/2   |   Nissan GTR Is The Fastest Fire Fighter At The Nurburgring - Web Exclusive

When you run one of the most enticing yet unforgiving racetracks in the world, inevitably you will also have accidents. But getting emergency aid to crashed vehicles can be a real problem, so a Nissan GT-R will be used as an emergency response vehicle at the Nrburgring in Germany

The ultimate fire-fighting vehicle was presented by Nissan to Nrburgring GmbH to provide the fastest possible response to emergency calls at Nrburgring's Nordschleife circuit.

Equipped with a fire extinguishing system, having both water and foam on board, plus a fire hose in the trunk, this GT-R was designed to get to the scene of an accident in the quickest possible time.

In standard form, the GT-R is capable of lapping the famous Nordschleife in only 7 mins 26.7 seconds, making it the perfect tool for the Nrburgring's emergency services. Even with the extra 200kg of fire fighting equipment, this GT-R can still lap the challenging circuit in less than 8 minutes!

Eurp_0908_02_z+nissan_gtr_emergency_vehicle+trunk_view Photo 2/2   |   Nissan GTR Is The Fastest Fire Fighter At The Nurburgring - Web Exclusive

When hundreds of amateur drivers take to the circuit in Germany's Eifel region during public test drives, accidents are common. With over 12 miles of tarmac to cover, getting to the scene of a blaze in a bulky fire truck takes valuable time, so the GT-R will provide fire fighters with an invaluable fast response safety tool.

The redesigned GT-R is a gift from Nissan to the Nrburgring operator in thanks for the company's collaboration in developing the 485hp supercar. The fire-fighting conversion was carried out by M&M Automotive a car development and motorsport specialist in Bonn, Germany.

The GT-R's backseats were removed and replaced with a 50-liter water tank, which was secured by a rollcage. There is a medium-pressure extinguisher system (20-bar) as well as a winding device for the hose. The only other addition was the radio communication system and new Recaro seats. With a foam reach of around 60ft and a 60ft hose, the unit will be able to fight fires for almsot two minutes on one tank.



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