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MINI Roadster Concept - Web Exclusive

Sep 16, 2009

The new Mini Roadster Concept carries over the features typical of Mini to a new segment. The world debut of the Roadster Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show adds a new perspective to the future of the Mini brand, presenting a great path of development.

Eurp_0909_01+mini_roadster_concept+front_left.JPG Photo 2/5   |   MINI Roadster Concept - Web Exclusive

The Roadster Concept is clearly recognizable at first sight. At the same time, with its two seats, a tight-fitting soft roof and innovative rear-end design, the new model opens up new perspectives both in the context of the brand and in the segment of compact roadsters.

Deliberately limited to two seats and optimized for weight, the concept clearly shows its agility right. Its stylish look and the high-quality interior ambience give this two-seater character.

The Cooper, Clubman and Convertible are already established in the market as unique characters. The Roadster is intended to the same.

Eurp_0909_02+mini_roadster_concept+right.JPG Photo 3/5   |   MINI Roadster Concept - Web Exclusive

To achieve a high standard of sporting performance, the Roadster Concept might possibly be powered by the 1.6-liter twin-scroll turbocharged engine already featured in the Cooper S. Boasting direct gasoline injection, this power unit delivers maximum output of 175 hp and peak torque of 177 lb-ft increasing briefly with the Overboost function to 192 lb-ft.

With its spontaneous and direct response and smooth surge of power, this engine offers everything it takes to boost this open two-seater directly to the top of the compact roadster market.

The body configuration of the Roadster Concept is combined with the modern drive technology of the current models as well as the features of the brand developed over years and decades. Hence, the study is the result of an ongoing development process opening up attractive options also for the years to come.

Eurp_0909_03+mini_roadster_concept+top_left_rear.JPG Photo 4/5   |   MINI Roadster Concept - Web Exclusive

The body design of the Roadster Concept shares the identity and innovative power of the brand in a fascinating combination. The strong family resemblance is born out above all at the front end of the car through details typical of Mini and through styling features characteristic of the brand as a whole. At the same time the individual look of this unique two-seater is just as unmistakable, created by new and different proportions as well as the innovative design of the rear end.

The new two-seater measures 146.2" in length and 66.3" in width. Height of the car is 53.4". These dimensions, together with the special contours of the rear end, provide sporting and dynamic proportions. At the same time, again reflecting the typical look of the brand, the Roadster Concept comes with extra-short body overhangs front and rear accentuating the athletic stature of the car.

The front end is the same as on the Convertible all the way to the A-pillars, while the windscreen is low and raked to a greater angle. Particularly with the roof opened to the back, this brings out the openness of the car.

Eurp_0909_04+mini_roadster_concept+interior_view Photo 5/5   |   MINI Roadster Concept - Web Exclusive

The front view of the Roadster Concept comes with all the features born out by the four-seater models. Smoothly balanced contours on the engine lid with large and large headlights, the design of the radiator grille and a wide air intake at the bottom create that look so typical of Mini.

For more information on the Roadster, we encourage to read our full preview in a previous news story:



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