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Readers' Letters & Questions - ET Mail

Sep 1, 2009

I've been a subscriber to eurotuner for over eight years. First things first, your magazine sucks. I love the content, everything from the tech articles to the features. I even like the ads.Physically, though, it sucks.

My problem is, I get so excited when my new issue comes in the mail, that by the end of week my cover is torn off or the center page is hanging on by half a staple.

I love the old school issues but I'm still waiting to see a BMW E24 6-Series or E32 7-Series get their own feature.

Tell your publishers you need to produce a magazine of the same quality as the cars you represent.
Williamsville, VT

I have some pixel drawings you guys might like to show in the mag. One is an illustration of my Volvo 940 Turbo, but it's been fully completed cosmetically. I've got to say, it's my best work so far and hope the real thing turns out this well.
Andrew Snider
Kissimmee, FL

Eurp_0909_02+readers_letters_questions+volvo_940_turbo Photo 2/7   |   Readers' Letters & Questions - ET Mail

Want more?
We would like to have our '97 Mercedes SL320 ( featured in your magazine. I have attached photos so you can see how it looks. If you're interested, please let us know.

Eurp_0909_03+readers_letters_questions+custom_1997_mercedes_sl320_front Photo 3/7   |   Readers' Letters & Questions - ET Mail

The modifications are numerous but include the following: modified Erebuni Odyssey minivan body kit molded to car, removed handles, Lambo-style door hinges, Harley gas caps, TV rearview mirror, 20x13" Asanti rims, two-tone carbon-look interior, dual chrome extinguishers, six strobe lights, modified '07 grille, custom dual exhaust, custom hood scoop and fender flares, air bag suspension with 10-gallon painted air tank, string lights on doors, seats, trunk and rear, blue neon, two rear 7" TVs, Nintendo Wii, 20" TV in trunk lid, two 7" TVs in trunk lid, three amps, 14 speakers, NOS purge kit, custom flamethrower kit and smokescreen, custom headlight frames with LEDs, custom chrome front splitter, spinning door TVs, train airhorns, Brembo brakes.
Joseph Daleo
Cutler Bay, FL

Eurp_0909_04+readers_letters_questions+custom_1997_mercedes_sl320_rear Photo 4/7   |   Readers' Letters & Questions - ET Mail

While the SL is impressive, we thought it too extreme for et. However, we do have a voting system for feature cars, so we thought we'd open the floor to all of you. Please email us at with your opinions of this SL.

Would you guys be interested in printing this photo of a '02 Mk4 1.8T in an issue of eurotuner? I'm 17, trying to go somewhere with photography and think this would be a good start. I'm currently a photographer for a local skateboard shop as well.
Jason Jones
Clearwater, FL

Eurp_0909_05+readers_letters_questions+2002_mk4_golf Photo 5/7   |   Readers' Letters & Questions - ET Mail

I just got finished reading the July issue and wanted to let you know you guys nailed it. The combination of VW, BMW and Audi feature cars, as well as show reports, tech and Garage Projects was the perfect balance. I even laughed at the pile of mags in the bathroom "library" and bought the PowerCone on the News pages.

I read all the time about how somebody wants more of this and less of that, but I really like to get immersed in the whole Euro scene, and your mag is the best fix I get all month. Now I've just got to work out the best way to visit the most number of shows this summer. Hopefully, I will catch up with you at one of them?
Kyle Bryant
Phoneix, AZ

Pink Power
What's with the pink M3 in et 7/09? I love the new E92 M3 and would sell my left nut to own one. And even though I don't normally like widebody kits, I thought the one fitted by the Japanese tuner made it look pretty hardcore, but why the hell did they paint it pink? Are they some kind of boy-lovers? That's a terrible thing to do to an M3 of any kind.

Eurp_0909_06+readers_letters_questions+e92_m3 Photo 6/7   |   Readers' Letters & Questions - ET Mail

As regular readers will know, Studie AG in Japan, the tuner responsible for this M3, has produced a series of BMW projects finished in vivid colors. In the past we've featured its bright blue 130i, orange 335i Convertible, green Z4 M Coupe, etc. This is another example of the tuner's flair, and the color is based on Porsche's Rubystone red. We thought it was pretty ballsy.

In et 7/09, I was reading about the engine mods to your Project B6 Audi A4 1.8T and I noticed you used a Dynapack chassis system to measure to power. I've not seen anything like this before, although you mention it reduces wheelspin loss. How do they work?
Sergio Vieira

Eurp_0909_07+readers_letters_questions+dynapack_dyno Photo 7/7   |   Readers' Letters & Questions - ET Mail

They work like a regular dyno, but instead of sitting the car on the rollers, these packs bolt to the brake hubs. The idea is to remove the possibility of wheelspin or slip influencing the outcome. It's also a proper load-brake system, like an engine dyno, allowing you to accurately measure the work being done by the car. Another big advantage of the system is it's portable, so you don't have to dedicate one corner of a workshop to rollers. It also relatively simple to accommodate 2- or 4WD cars. It can take longer to fit them to a car, but we're told with practice this can be reduced.



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