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2010 Lotus Exige S240 - Web Exlcusive

Oct 1, 2009

Coming this fall, the new ’10 Lotus Exige S240 hits dealerships in the USA and Canada.

Eurp_0910_01_z+2010_lotus_exige_s240+front_passenger_side Photo 2/4   |   2010 Lotus Exige S240 - Web Exlcusive

The new Exige S240 features a restyled front end with larger and low-drag rear wing. This helps with downforce as well as improve the stance of the whole car. The front end also has larger air intakes to funnel air through to the radiator. Two additional air intakes help feed air to the oil coolers.

Mounted below the front bumper is a new splitter made from lightweight composite. It’s extended to wrap around the entire front and side lips were added to deflect air around the tires – hence reducing even more drag.

Eurp_0910_02_z+2010_lotus_exige_s240+rear Photo 3/4   |   2010 Lotus Exige S240 - Web Exlcusive

Interestingly, the rear wing is based off the Exige GT3 road car which is 7.1” wider and 1.8” higher than the regular Exige. This allows more stability and recorded impressive downforce of 93 lb at 100mph according to Lotus.

The new aerodynamics matched with the 1.8 liter Toyota motor produces 240hp at 8000rpm at 170 lb-ft at 5500rpm. Weighing in at just about 2077 lb, the S240 has a 4.1-sec 0-to-60 and 150mph top speed.

Eurp_0910_03_z+2010_lotus_exige_s240+side Photo 4/4   |   2010 Lotus Exige S240 - Web Exlcusive

Like all Lotus cars, the functional components of the car are also beautifully designed as Russell Carr, Chief of Lotus Design, explains, “For 2010 we have taken the already visually extreme Exige and given it even more visual drama. The changes we have integrated to the front and rear of the Exige signal an even clearer and purposeful intent. The functional rear wing is race-inspired, the new angular air intakes and full width splitter give a more hard-edged and aggressive look. Overall, the Exige appears more planted and gives the illusion that both the front and rear of the car are wider than they really are, yet without losing its agile and sleek character.”



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