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Ford Fiesta Debuts In North America At Los Angeles Auto Show - Web Exclusive

Dec 11, 2009

Back in March ’09, we had the opportunity to drive the new Ford Fiesta. It was a European-spec model and a certain number of cars were given to selected people across the US under the ‘Fiesta Movement’ program (read about it in our blogs:

Eurp_0912_01_z+ford_fiesta+front_view Photo 2/4   |   Ford Fiesta Debuts In North America At Los Angeles Auto Show - Web Exclusive Nearly a year later, the Fiesta is ready for the North America with a US production model hitting the LA Auto Show last week.

The US Version of the Fiesta is expected to add on to the sales numbers of over 500K Fiestas already sold worldwide. The familiar five-door body style is joined by a new four-door version.

The Fiesta is the next milestone under the company's plan to develop vehicles that meet different needs and expectations of customers around the world. It is already a market leader in Europe and has recently launched successfully in Asia.

Eurp_0912_03_z+ford_fiesta+rear_view Photo 3/4   |   Ford Fiesta Debuts In North America At Los Angeles Auto Show - Web Exclusive

At the heart of the Fiesta is the same 1.6 liter DOHC inline-4 engine from Europe that equips range-topping versions and produces 120hp. The US production version is expected to delivering fuel economy of 40mpg.

Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) has allowed this advanced engine to be downsized for fuel economy while continuously optimizing camshaft phasing for throttle response, performance and flexibility.

New technologies applied to this engine include an advanced new front-end accessory drive (FEAD) belt with stretchy dynamics to improve friction. The elasticity in this new drive belt eliminates the need for a belt tensioner and contributes to overall fuel economy.

Eurp_0912_02_z+ford_fiesta+side_view Photo 4/4   |   Ford Fiesta Debuts In North America At Los Angeles Auto Show - Web Exclusive

A five-speed manual transmission is standard, with gear ratios specifically selected to provide lively acceleration but still allow good fuel economy.

Exlclusive to the North American market, a new PowerShift six-speed automatic transmission is available for the first time.

While fuel economy leaders have traditionally been manual transmission models, new Fiesta changes the game in the with availability of the six-speed automatic combining the responsive performance and fuel economy qualities of a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic.

An additional feature is Hill Start Assist functionality. This sensor-based system will hold the brakes for an instant to prevent rollback when stopping or starting from rest on an incline. Employing a digital accelerometer to measure slope incline, the system activates automatically.

From its automatic climate control to standard USB port, North American customers will find the new Fiesta offers a number of standard and available features that increase convenience and connectivity. Among them is SYNC®, integrating a driver’s phone with the Fiesta’s onboard, voice- activated communications and entertainment system.

This Fiesta is also offered with a push button start, a unique feature for the US market.

In Europe, the Fiesta name has been synonymous with outstanding driving quality, design and value. The all-new Fiesta now brings a stylish, well-equipped yet fuel-efficient alternative to North American consumers for the first time.

Be sure to check them out at your local Ford dealership next year - and remember they are German-engineered!



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