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Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

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Dec 1, 2009

Tdi P-Flo Intake
MSRP: $299.95
Unlock the thoroughbred in your TDI-powered VW with a P-Flo cold-air intake. As you'd expect from the horsepower junkies at Neuspeed, this super-sucker comes with everything needed to let your diesel breathe free. It fits like factory and will add some sound under the hood. Here's to that great gas mileage and huge diesel torque.

Eurp_0912_01_o+news+intake Photo 2/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Beyern BMW E30 Wheels
Bavarian Autosport
MSRP: $149.95 each
Old school is cool and the Bimmer specialists at Bavarian Autosport haven't forgotten the OG E30 platform with its new Beyern Mesh wheels. Available in 15 and 17" sizes with a four-bolt pattern, these heavenly hoops come in three finishes: silver with machined lips; chrome; and black with machined lips. If you like to kick it old school but keep it high-performance, Bavarian Autosport has you covered.

Eurp_0912_03_o+news+e30_wheels Photo 3/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Squadra Sunglasses
Tag Heuer
MSRP: $350
Too pricey for our gift ideas in this issue, we wanted to include the new Squadra collection since its a truly high-tech solution to eyewear thanks to the wraparound lens and lightweight arms. The shatterproof lens is available in either grey or brown and provides fantastic clarity, shielding your eyes from the annoying light that sneaks in from the side when you're driving. The arms are manufactured in titanium with a rubberized coating that makes them light and flexible. The hypoallergenic material is also used on the nose bridge, making them incredibly comfortable. What's more, the thin arms are designed to fit inside crash helmets for track days or motorcycle use. Being lightweight and offering great UV protection, we found the Squadra glasses were wonderful to use. The only downside is the high price as well as their relative size since the arms don't fold.

Eurp_0912_04_o+news+squadra Photo 4/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

335i Front-Mount Intercooler
AMS Performance
MSRP: $899.95
The company famous for its wicked-fast Mitsubishi Evos is now entering the Euro market with a 335i front-mount intercooler. This supercooler is said to offer 49% more internal area than stock, which results in roughly 10hp on your stocker, with almost 40hp near redline once you're chipped. Other noteworthy features also include 3" inlet and outlet tanks, lightweight construction at just 17.6 lb and it's tested to 50psi.

Eurp_0912_05_o+news+intercooler Photo 5/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Injector Blueprinting
RC Engineering
MSRP: Website
While most of us spend hundreds of dollars on bolt-ons and some even spend thousands on a turbo kit, we often neglect key pieces like the ones that feed the beast - your injectors. RC Engineering is the place to go for injectors, and a great way to ensure your motor is at the top of its game is to use its blueprinted injectors. Whether you're in need of new injectors or want your current ones worked-over, RC should be your first thought.

Eurp_0912_07_o+news+rc_injectors Photo 6/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Mini Leak Detector Light
Tracer Products
MSRP: Website
Ditch the guesswork and cut to the leak, with the cordless Mini Leak Detector Light from Tracer Products. The blue LED leak detection light makes fluorescent dyes glow brightly so you can spot air conditioning and fluid leaks in seconds. Powered by three AA batteries, this 5oz light features a long-life bulb that's good for 100,000 hours and shines up to 6 feet.

Eurp_0912_08_o+news+leak_detector Photo 7/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Jr Suspension Kits
MSRP: From $429.99
Proving performance suspension doesn't have to cost a fortune, the new Jr suspension kits from Vogtland bring performance and price to the table. These spring and shock packages pair 1.2-2.5" lowering springs and specially-valved shocks to improve handling in the corners yet preserve a civil ride on the street. If you're looking to step-up your Euro's handling without breaking the bank, Vogtland has got your suspenders.

Eurp_0912_09_o+news+jr_suspension Photo 8/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Standalone Engine Management
MSRP: From $460
Thanks to the tech-heads at converting your ride to standalone engine management is a relatively easy process. Gone are the days of a complete wiring harness and hundreds of hours of wiring woes. Thanks to its DIYPNP, you can have the features of a standalone by soldering jumper wires to a pair of circuit boards. This will allow you to match the DIYPNP to the factory harness in just a few hours, rather than a few days.

Eurp_0912_10_o+news+engine_management Photo 9/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

CZ4A Mirrors
Endless USA
MSRP: Website
Add the racer-look to your Euro with lightweight carbon fiber mirrors from Endless USA. These feathery beauties weigh a mere 500 grams (17.6oz) and give your ride that tuner touch. It's the small things that count and race-spec mirrors will look the part.

Eurp_0912_11_o+news+cz4a_mirrors Photo 10/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Nav Head Unit
MSRP: From $800
Alpine's new iXA-W407 double-DIN audio/video/nav unit offers hi-tech features such as an ultra-large 7" color touchscreen with optimized iPod/iPhone playback as well as built-in Bluetooth. If that's not enough, it also has text-to-speech announcements and the latest in nav technology means you should never get lost again.

Eurp_0912_12_o+news+head_unit Photo 11/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Ace Oils
MSRP: Website
If you're in it to win it, and want the maximum protection for your racecar, Mobil1's new line of racing oils is up your alley. Available in 0W-20 and 0W-30, these race fluids have boosted levels of anti-wear additives of over 1800ppm and can survive temps up to 400°F. Although not recommended for the street, these lightweight oils are great for a dedicated track monster or a weekend track session in your street car. It's the stuff checkered flags are made from.

Eurp_0912_13_o+news+mobil_1 Photo 12/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Lotus Official Supercharger Kits
Lotus Cars Usa
MSRP: Website
Owners of the naturally aspirated Lotus Elise and Exige can now supercharger their rides with a 50-State legal supercharger kit from Lotus Cars. This factory-approved and warrantied kit will boost power from 189 to 218hp and torque from 133 to 155 lb-ft. Big numbers aside, torque arrives sooner with this positive-displacement Roots-type blower, so it peaks at 5000rpm rather than the NA's sky-high peak of 6800rpm.

Eurp_0912_14_o+news+supercharger Photo 13/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Portable Nitrogen Kit
Rubicon Express
MSRP: $289.95
If you're the type who demands maximum performance and run nitrogen in your tires to prevent the sort of pressure changes common with air, you've probably needed a refill but gone without. However, Rubicon Express has introduced its new portable Nitro Charger. The compact kit comes with two 95cc bottles and everything needed to fill your tires up to 600psi (not that we recommend it!) in a small case that fits your glovebox.

Eurp_0912_15_o+news+nitro_kit Photo 14/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Complete Gauge Kits
MSRP: Website
Building a project car is a lengthy process requiring lots of time and money, so you look after your ride like it's your firstborn. So when keeping an eye on its vitals, why skimp on cheap gauges when VDO makes it simple? These new five and six-gauge kits come ready to rip and are offered in 50 different combinations. Whether you want electronic or mechanical, chrome or black, oil temp or voltage, VDO has the right tool for the job. After all, one blown head gasket from a faulty temp gauge and you'll wish you'd gone with VDO.

Eurp_0912_16_o+news+guage_kit Photo 15/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Welding Masks
MSRP: Website
For all the DIY Euroheads out there, Miller has its new Wicked Design masks. These state-of-the art masks not only look sick but fit like a glove. What's more, the auto-darken screen dims in just 1/20,000 of a second. The masks are available with multiple shades of darkness to protect your eyes when you're welding for hours. If looking good and laying the perfect bead is all you want, Miller has your mask.

Eurp_0912_18_o+news+mask Photo 16/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Floor Coverings
ever-tile flooring
MSRP: Website
Now your garage can look like a palace thanks to floor coverings from Lock-tile. Available in any color, you can mix and match shades to get the killer combo you've always wanted. More than just a pretty face, Lock-tile helps combat nasty spills and stains, and is easily installed. If you're looking for a garage that makes the neighbors jealous, we suggest a look at Lock-tile.

Eurp_0912_19_o+news+floor_cover Photo 17/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Diy Wheel Restoration
MSRP: Website
There's nothing more embarrassing than pulling up with custom wheels that have more rash than a baby's butt (ask Sam). But frown no more because Permatex has you curbed with its wheel restoration supplies that will turn the nastiest of mistakes into the smoothest wheels in town. So quit your complaining and polish it out with Permatex.

Eurp_0912_21_o+news+wheel_repair Photo 18/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Nation Of Go Bfgoodrich
The tire pros at BFGoodrich recently launched a new online social network for auto enthusiasts that should give Facebook and Myspace a run for their money. In addition to connecting auto aficionados across the world, this online haven boasts cool applications that allow you to update your travels and post cool stuff. If you're looking to discover the coolest roads only locals know, or just want to meet other car people, checkout the NationofGO online social network.

Eurp_0912_22_o+news+nation_of_goodrich Photo 19/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Car Care Tips Fram
With the latest technology packed into new cars, isn't it time you step-up your maintenance regime to match? Fram wants to inform enthusiasts that when using synthetic motor oil it's also highly advised to use the best oil filter possible. The latest engines run at high temperatures and what worked on grandpa's ride won't cut it in yours. Other service notes include the use of Iridium spark plugs when possible to increase efficiency and improve your power/mileage. Remember, the more you know about preserving your ride, the better off you'll be.

Eurp_0912_23_o+news+car_tips Photo 20/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009

Scantool Auto Enginuity
MSRP: From $800
If you've ever fallen victim to those pesky check-engine lights that cost you big money to have checked, then Auto Enginuity has the winning ticket with its new AutoScan tool. This clever gadget allows you to check OBD fault codes and model-specific functions that only the dealer previously had the power to unlock. If you're tired of wasting money at the dealer, the ScanTool from AutoEnginuity is the key to unlocking your auto.

Eurp_0912_24_o+news+scantool Photo 21/21   |   Neuspeed TDI Intake - News December 2009



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