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Tuner News - January 2010

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Jan 15, 2010

S-Quared Shift Knob
Shutt Auto
MSRP: $71.99
Shutt is continuing its tradition of unique interior accessories with the new S-quared universal shift knob. This heavenly handle features black hide, gray stitching and is wrapped around a rectangular satin-silver frame. If rowing gears is as important as looking right, then Shutt Auto is your first stop.

Eurp_1001_01_o+news+knob Photo 2/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Alleggerita HLT Wheels
OZ Racing
from $299 per wheel (17")
OZ Racing Wheels is at it again and recently teamed up with Tire Rack on the all-new Alleggerita HLT wheels that are as light as a feather but sting like a bee. That's right, these forged, one-piece rollers are lightweight thanks to the nine-spoke design in 17" and 18" diameter with the legendary OZ quality. These wheels can also match any ride thanks to a wide range of color options, including orange, red, blue, white, gold, grey and black, to name a few.

Eurp_1001_02_o+news+hlt_wheels Photo 3/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Driving School Vouchers
Bob Bondurant
Info:, 800-842-RACE
The Bob Bondurant Racing Schools are offering gift certificates so you and your friends can learn the art of driving fast and end your holiday shopping in one click of the mouse. Whether you'd like to learn the ropes in a 120mph shifter kart or hop behind the wheel of a high-performance car, the Bondurant school will show you the fastest way from point A to point B.

Eurp_1001_03_o+news+driving_school Photo 4/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Tec Line Coilovers
Proof that quality coilovers don't have to break the bank, Vogtland's new Tec Line allows you to tailor your ride height and improve suspension prowess. These badass boingers come with twin-tube dampers, are TÜV approved and provide an adjustment range between 1-3.5". If that's not sweet enough, they also come with a two-year warranty and are available for many popular BMW, VW and Audi applications.

Eurp_1001_04_o+news+coilovers Photo 5/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Smart Start For iPhone
Ah, the marvels of technology. Who would have predicted you could one day remotely start your car from your phone thanks to the new Viper Smart Start application for the iPhone. That's right, start it from your house, down the street or across the world with this nifty iPhone app. What's more, you can unlock the doors, pop the trunk or send out a panic alert, all from the comfort of home. No worries about somebody else getting the code because it's protected by Viper. So here's to a world that's getting smaller and more amazing by the minute.

Eurp_1001_05_o+news+iphone Photo 6/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

B6 S4 Downpipes And Exhaust
Techtonics Tuning
Let your Audi S4 breathe freely and make more power with the high-flow downpipes and a dual cat-back exhaust system from the legendary exhaust pros at Techtonics Tuning. The 2.25" stainless steel system features a reverse crossover design for great sound and better low-end torque. Adding to the mix are Borla mufflers, TT resonators and single- or dual-cat downpipes. Unlock some ponies and unleash the beast in your B6 S4 with a TT exhaust system.

Eurp_1001_06_o+news+downpipes Photo 7/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

GT-R Braking Systems
The new GT-R brake kits aren't for the pesky Nissan, but your Euro will certainly out-brake one with the new Brembo GT-R brake kits. The Italian company pulled out all the stops with these new four- and six-piston billet binders that are even stronger and lighter than traditional calipers. The two-piece rotors also reduce weight as well as dissipate heat, and the stainless steel hardware will hold its bite for years to come.

Eurp_1001_07_o+news+braking_systems Photo 8/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Following an agreement with Volvo Car Corporation, the respected Volvo tuner Evolve is changing its name to Elevate. Founded in 2003, the company filled a niche in the tuning scene for high-quality performance products for late-model Volvos, and produced some of the greatest Volvo tuning concepts of all time. Whether it's killer suspension upgrades, power parts or body kits and wheels, Elevate is the place to go for Volvo performance (

Eurp_1001_08_o+news+elevate Photo 9/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Legendary Race Cars
Celebrating many of the noteworthy racecars from history, Basem Wasef's new book Legendary Race Cars, is a knockout read. It features 176 pages with tons of high-quality photos and the stories behind the four-wheeled relics that changed the sport forever. Whether you're talking about a Shelby Cobra or Ferrari, Porsche or Audi, this is the book all enthusiasts should add to their collections. It covers everything from F1 to Indy cars, rallying, GTs and sports prototypes. Some of our favorites included Walter Röhrl's S1 quattro, The Porsche 917 and 962, Senna's MP4/4 and the Lotus 79 ground-effects car. What's more, the book's jacket folds out into a cool art poster for your wall. So go ahead, kick back and enjoy the read. It's well written and includes both historic and current photos to bring the machines alive.

Eurp_1001_09_o+news+race_cars Photo 10/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

The Roddler
Kid Customs
Get your kid started in the right direction with this ultra-cool stroller from Kid Kustoms. Custom-made to your spec with options galore, a Roddler is definitely paving the way for another gearhead in the family. And think how cool you'll look pushing it... if that's not cool enough, Kid Kustoms has a slew of other cool stuff that'll make your younguns the envy of the neighborhood.

Eurp_1001_10_o+news+roddler Photo 11/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

MK4 Vent Boost Gauge
Concepts In Motion
from $159.99
Keep track of your turbo with a vent boost gauge from Concepts In Motion. This nifty pod/gauge mounts inside your Mk4's center vent and uses a high-tech gauge with a 45mm electrical stepper motor to ensure fast and accurate info. Instead of a pillar-mounted pod that could affect your airbag in a crash, or a column pod that obstructs your view of the main instruments, the vent location is ideal. It costs $160 and comes with everything needed to get you started.

Eurp_1001_13_o+news+boost_gauge Photo 12/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

10w60 Synthetic BMW Oil
Redline Oils
$10.95 per quart
If you're tired of looking for high-quality oil for your M3 or M5 because it requires the unique 10W60 weight, look no further. Redline Oils has introduced its new, fully synthetic oil. It's recommended for API SM/SL and ACEA A3/B4 certifications, while also containing high detergency for extended drain intervals and increased cleanliness. In addition to increased mileage, you may also see a kick in power thanks to this slippery blend. And if you've been in the scene for a minute or two, you'll know Redline Oils are at the top of the barrel.

Eurp_1001_16_o+news+motor_oil Photo 13/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Race Oil Cap
If you're looking to set your ride apart in an understated way, TMTuning has the right twist. This OEM Audi race oil-cap fits most modern VAG cars and features brushed aluminum inserts for quality and performance. They say it's the little things that lead to greatness, and this cap proves the notion with its affordability at under $40.

Eurp_1001_17_o+news+oil_cap Photo 14/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Battery Jump-Starter
starting at $39.99
Getting stranded by the side of the road is as unpleasant as falling in a pile of dung. But Stanley can make sure this need never happen thanks to its new portable battery jump-starter that's got enough juice to get things going. Available in either 300- or 500amp versions, this high-voltage box can charge from a 12v source and offers over 40 jumps from one charge. Other helpful features include an attached flashlight so you'll never be left in the dark, and a 120psi compressor on the 500amp models so flat tires are a thing of the past. Consider this cheap insurance...

Eurp_1001_18_o+news+jump_starter Photo 15/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

1.8T Dowel Pin Kit And Damper Bolt
Integrated Engineering
dowel kit $149.99, damper bolt $49.99
If you want to make big power and spin your 1.8T beyond 7000rpm, Integrated Engineering has always been the first name to turn to. Among the many parts it has for this application, these new items will bring even greater strength to your motor. Since the keyway on the stock timing-belt gear can shear off under high-stress conditions, the IE dowel pin kit and ARP crank damper bolt will make your 1.8T as reliable as it is fast. Remember, if you want to make big power, do it once and do it right. And getting the small things right will save you big money in the long run. So give IE a call and see what they can do for you.

Eurp_1001_19_o+news+damper_bolt Photo 16/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Ambassador Watch
Meister Watches
starting at $325
Show your passion for the sport with a limited edition, race-inspired timepiece from Meister Watches. The new Ambassador features stainless steel construction and a carbon dial with luminescent accents. Other specs include water resistance to 100 meters, Seiko six-hand chronograph quartz internal hardware and either a stainless steel or leather band.

Eurp_1001_20_o+news+watch Photo 17/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

MK6 GTI Coilovers
H&R Suspension
Drop your Mk6 like a bad habit with some H&R coilovers for the all-new 2010 GTI. Designed to enahnce performance while preserving ride quality, these new units offer 1.2-2.3" of adjustment and feature an inverted mono-tube design plus springs with HF wire. If you're looking to be the first on the street and at the front of the pack, H&R has the answer.

Eurp_1001_21_o+news+gti_coilovers Photo 18/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

The Willow
TSW Wheels
Named by TSW Wheels after the legendary racetrack, Willow Springs in California, the Willow wheel remains true to its name with a sleek ten-spoke design. Available in 17-20" diameters and various widths plus an array of colors, the TSW Willow could be the hoop to have in 2010.

Eurp_1001_22_o+news+tsw_wheels Photo 19/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Power Alloy Rotors
Power Slot
Gone are the days of tired-looking discs because Power Slot is preserving its legendary braking performance but adding a cool black Power Alloy finish. By increasing the molybdenum content in the rotors, they perform well in severe situations and, thanks to the new e-coating over the unswept surfaces, they should always look good.

Eurp_1001_23_o+news+rotors Photo 20/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Street Performance Pads
Now you can have the bite of a track brake pad with the silence and longevity of a street pad with the new Street Performance pads from StopTech. By using para-aramid composites, these grippers deliver optimum stopping performance over a wide temperature range. If that's not reason enough, they're also 100% positive molded, include OE-style shims to eliminate noise associated with brake pad vibration and come scorched to remove any impurities in the friction material for improved braking right out of the box.

Eurp_1001_24_o+news+pads Photo 21/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

Rock The Dash
Alpine Electronics
Alpine Electronics recently crowned Blessed End from San Benito, TX the winner of its second Rock The Dash Online Music Contest. More than 2000 up-n-coming bands competed in the event, where listeners could hear and vote for their favorite prospects online. The eight-week competition gave participants widespread exposure and a chance to win Alpine products, among other prizes. The entrants represented various musical genres, including rock, pop, hip-hop, R&B and alternative. In the end, hard rock band Blessed End took top honors. If you think you've got what it takes to win, enter next year's event.

Eurp_1001_25_o+news+rock_dash Photo 22/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010

IK350 Docking System Kicker
In your car, home, garage or on-the-go, you can listen to your iPhone or iPod with the new Kicker iK350 Docking System. Enjoy your tunes with rich sound thanks to full-range 4" woofers, 0.5" tweeters and a 4.5" reflex bass subwoofer. To sweeten the killer combo are features like a magnetized remote dock, a 12V power source and a handle to carry your tunes around.

Eurp_1001_26_o+news+kicker Photo 23/23   |   Tuner News - January 2010


Brembo North America
Northville, MI 48168
Tire Rack
South Bend, IN 46628
Bondurant School of High Performance Driving
Chandler, AZ 85226
Shutt Auto
Miami, FL
Motorbooks International
Osceola, WI 54020
Sheridan, OR 97378
NGP Racing
Aberdeen, MD 21001
Stanley Works
New Britain, CT 06053



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