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Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Web Exclusive

Feb 25, 2010

In Alfa Romeo’s Centenary year, the new Giulietta will be the star of the Alfa Romeo stand at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show.

Eurp_1002_04_o+alfa_romeo_giulietta+side Photo 2/5   |   Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Web Exclusive

Designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, new Giulietta is a five-door hatchback with strong Alfa Romeo design cues. Visitors to Geneva will see five different versions: two Quadrifoglio Verde (Cloverleaf) versions fitted with Alfa Romeo’s 235hp 1750 TBi engine, two Distinctive versions with 170hp 2.0 JTDMturbodiesels, and a Distinctive version fitted with the 170hp 1.4 MultiAir Turbo gasoline engine.

The name of the car is an obvious tribute to the original ’50s Giulietta which caught the imagination of generations of car enthusiasts, making the dream of owning an Alfa Romeo possible for the first time.

The new Alfa Giulietta introduces an entirely new platform – referred to as Compact. It ensures both dynamic performance and high comfort levels, thanks to the refined suspension, a new-generation steering system, a light and rigid structure created from materials such as aluminum and high-strength steels, and cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

Driving satisfaction and comfort can be adapted to meet customers' needs thanks to the Alfa DNA selector: a system that customizes the vehicle's behavior to suit different road conditions and driving styles. The new Giulietta platform has three set-up functions (Dynamic, Normal and All Weather) available through the Alfa DNA selector. Fitted as standard on the entire Giulietta range, the system is designed to modify the operating parameters of the engine, gearbox, steering and Q2 electronic differential, in addition to the behavior logic of the Vehicle Dynamic Control system (VDC).

Eurp_1002_02_o+alfa_romeo_giulietta+rear_driver_side Photo 3/5   |   Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Web Exclusive

Frontal styling is a development of Alfa's trademark triangular grille, with a new interpretation of the classic shield, embedded in the front bumper and suspended between the air ducts.

The headlights have DRL (Daylight Running Lights) with LED technology. In profile, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is brimming with personality, reinforcing its agility and strength. The side windows recall the appearance of a coupé, emphasizing the fluidity of the shapes, including the concealed rear door handles. Ribs on the vehicle sides ‘elongate’ the car while clean lines accentuate the angular body.

The rear emphasizes the muscularity. In addition, the rear lights also use LED technology.

Thanks to the enhanced ergonomics of the interior design, the main controls are grouped at the center of the dashboard and feature the same design as on the 8C Competizione.

In addition, the navigation system with pop-up display allows drivers to view either maps or the mechanical parameters on the Alfa DNA system.

At the time of its launch, four Turbo engines will be available, all with Euro 5 approval and fitted with a Start&Stop system to reduce consumption and emissions: two gasoline versions (120HP 1.4TB, 170HP 1.4TB MultiAir) and two diesels (105HP 1.6 JTDMand 170HP 2.0 JTDM, both second-generation MultiJet engines). The range is completed by the impressive 235HP 1750 TBi teamed with exclusive Quadrifoglio Verde (Cloverleaf) interior.

It should be noted that the specific power of 134HP/liter from the 1750 TBi is the highest in the world for a 4-cylinder unit installed in this type of vehicle, as well as being the highest ever achieved by an Alfa Romeo production engine. The specific torque too, totaling 143 lb-ft/liter, is the highest of any gasoline engine in this category, while the maximum torque of 250 lb-ft, delivered at only 1900rpm, is class-leading.

Eurp_1002_03_o+alfa_romeo_giulietta+interior Photo 4/5   |   Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Web Exclusive

The range of engines available can accommodate a wide spectrum of customers. The 120HP 1.4TB is the ideal engine for those in search of a car that can handle city traffic effortlessly while keeping running costs to a minimum. The turbo engine guarantees prompt response even at low rpm (maximum torque is achieved at just 1750 rpm) while Start&Stop makes it possible to cut consumption and harmful emissions levels without compromising comfort and on-board safety.

The 170HP 1.4 TB MultiAir engine is an amalgam of technology, which blends high performance levels with the lowest emissions and fuel consumption levels in its class for petrol engines of this power rating. This is a powerful and flexible engine, with a generous 184 lb-ft of torque (when set to Dynamic), fitted with Start&Stop and withfuel consumption and emissions levels more closely resembling a diesel engine (51mpg US in the extra-urban cycle).

The 105HP 1.6 JTDM is a flexible and economical diesel engine that will surprise customers due to its prompt response (in Dynamic mode, maximum torque is a generous 236 lb-ft) combined with extremely low fuel consumption (in the extra-urban cycle, it is just 63.5mpg). This is possible thanks to the combination of second-generation MultiJet technology and the Start&Stop system.

Eurp_1002_01_o+alfa_romeo_giulietta+front Photo 5/5   |   Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Web Exclusive

Consequently, it is an engine for those in search of a car with character, distinctive style, and yet able to combine them with low running costs.

All the engines are teamed with a manual 6-speed gearbox which can transmit high torque values. Subsequently, the MultiAir and 170HP 2.0 JTDMengines will also be teamed with an innovative dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The new Giulietta range is completed by the 235HP Giulietta 1750 TBi Quadrifoglio Verde (Cloverleaf), a legendary Alfa Romeo symbol which has competed on tracks all over the world. Equipped with the highest-performing engine in the range, this version stands out for its thoroughbred sports styling, teamed with 17’’ (18’’ optional) wheels, guaranteeing best-in-class driving pleasure and surprisingly low fuel consumption for this power rating.



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