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Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

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Mar 18, 2010

Club Racer Brake Pads
Project MU
MSRP: $170 per wheel
Take your braking to the next level with the new Club Racer brake pads from Project Mu. Thanks to its proprietary asbestos-free carbon/metal compound, they're claimed to be good up to 1400° Fahrenheit while offering great feel and fade-free performance. So before bucking up for big brakes, try some proper pads like these from Project Mu

Eurp_1003_01_o+new_products+club_racer_pads Photo 2/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

VR6 Motor Mount
Black Forest Industries
MSRP: $189
After years of design and testing, BFI has finally released its replacement passenger-side motor mount for Mk4 and Mk5 VR6-equipped cars. Not just an insert, this is a complete mount that replaces the weakest of the three mounts with a high performance alternative available in either stage 1 or 2. The first offering features 65a durometer bushings for a high-performance street car, while stage 2 has 85a durometer bushings better suited for ultimate performance.

Eurp_1003_02_o+new_products+motor_mount Photo 3/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

R1 Tires
MSRP: website
The new R-compound tires from BFGoodrich recently shod many of the top teams in the 25-hours of Thunderhill race. And for good reason, being that g-Force R1 is designed for drivers looking for a competition-ready tire that's DOT-legal. The tread compound offers quick warm-up, superior grip and predictable characteristics. If you're looking to increase your grip to serious levels, check out the latest from BFG.

Eurp_1003_03_o+new_products+r1_tires Photo 4/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

R32 Air Filter
MSRP: From $58.95
Unlock more air and more power in your Mk5 3.2L VW R32 with a high-flow air filter from aFe. Available in two versions, the Pro 5R filter and the Pro Dry S filter, the latter features a dry filtering element. Both can be washed and reused, and both out-flow the restrictive stocker. If you're looking to boost performance without raising any flags, this is the ultimate stealth upgrade.

Eurp_1003_04_o+new_products+air_filter Photo 5/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

Transmission Cooler
MSRP: $175
If you're tired of cooking your transmission, Mishimoto has a new Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler Kit. This nifty chiller features an 8" electric fan, aluminum radiator and universal mounting hardware to make the install a snap. All you'll need is more fluid to keep that slush box cool and extend its life.

Eurp_1003_05_o+new_products+transmission_cooler Photo 6/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

Twin-Disk Clutch & Flywheel Assembly
UUC Motorwerks
MSRP: website
Forget all you know about clutches and ditch the notion that a performance clutch is going to be a leg buster. UUC has announced its new twin-disc clutch and flywheel assembly. By combining two clutch discs you get more material for increased bite. And thanks to the new strap floater plate technique, which allows sequential engagement of the two discs, you get smooth operation in stark contrast to the traditional "on/off" nature of other multi-disc products. Consider this having your cake and eating it... in clutch form.

Eurp_1003_06_o+new_products+twin_disc Photo 7/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

Premiumone Pads
MSRP: website
Taking OEM braking to the max, the braking pros at ATE introduce new PremiumOne pads. These grippers are packed with features like built-in shims, slots and chamfered edges to match OE pad performance and reduce noise. These super-sanders also come with clips, anti-noise shims, wear sensors and electrical connectors for OEM-plus advantages.

Eurp_1003_07_o+new_products+pads Photo 8/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

Vgt Aerodynamic Package
MSRP: website
As if the new Porsche Carrera wasn't cool enough, Vorsteiner takes it up a few notches thanks to its new Aero package. The VG-T line offers a body kit that accentuates the beautiful stock lines of any Carrera with OEM-like fit and finish thanks to a functional add-on carbon spoiler up front, mesh grille inserts, a rear carbon diffuser and an optional carbon roof that replaces the sunroof for a 47 lb weight savings. If that's still not enough, they've got lightweight 19- and 20" wheels to round out the package.

Eurp_1003_08_o+new_products+aero Photo 9/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

Liquid Titanium GT-1 Oil
kendall motor oils
MSRP: website
By adding Liquid Titanium to its family of Kendall GT-1 oils, these lubricants have risen to the next level thanks to reduced friction that fights engine wear and prolongs engine life. How good you might ask? Well, this titanium potion apparently reduced wear by 75% when it was compared to the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) GF-4 performance requirements.

Eurp_1003_09_o+new_products+gt1_oil Photo 10/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

1.8T Catch Can & Breather Kit
034 Motorsport
MSRP: website
When the power gurus at 034Motorsport make something, you know it's top-notch. And while you might expect a big-turbo kit from them, they've got the details covered as well. Like this new Mk4 1.8T catch can and breather kit that features bolt-on installation plus molded silicone hoses, a vortex air/oil separator can, as well as an option to drain separated oil back to the oil pan for a maintenance-free installation. If that's not enough, the system can be configured for open air ventilation or recirculation back to the intake, and the kit installs without modification.

Eurp_1003_10_o+new_products+breather_kit Photo 11/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

MK6 Sport Springs
MSRP: website
Be the first in your city to lower your spanking-new Mk6 with Sport springs from the legendary corner-cutters at Neuspeed. That's right, the Neuspeed springs are made in Germany for the utmost quality and performance. So cut down on your wheel-well gap and boost your handling prowess on your Mk6 GTI, Golf, Jetta or Jetta Wagon with super-springs from Neuspeed.

Eurp_1003_11_o+new_products+springs Photo 12/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

The Tailbone
Bone Creeper
MSRP: website
Forget nasty backaches and a sore toosh with the new TailBone from Bone Creeper. This cool chair takes an alternative route to comfort when wrenching on your car thanks to its innovative design. The seat stands a convenient 13.5" high and features large 5" wheels that easily roll over cords and other shop obstacles. When it's time to turn, the wheels pivot unlike the traditional items with a pivoting seat that lead to unstable behavior. So why not do your bum a favor and give it a TailBone.

Eurp_1003_12_o+new_products+tailbone Photo 13/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

Engine Treatment
MSRP: website
If you're looking to teach your old engine some new tricks, Prolong might be your bottle to combat the two major causes of engine damage: heat and friction. Thanks to Prolong's AFT technology, this fluid bonds to your engine parts to form a protective layer against harmful wear.

Eurp_1003_13_o+new_products+engine_treatment Photo 14/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

Adrenalina Wheels
OZ Wheels
MSRP: Starting at $110 each
OZ and Tire Rack have teamed up for one of the biggest hits of early 2010, the Adrenalina wheels. These elegant five-spokes feature aluminum construction and come in either the Titanium Mirror finish you see here, or a machined face with a flat-black accent. Sizes range from 15-18" diameters in various widths and are TPMS compatible.

Eurp_1003_14_o+new_products+wheels Photo 15/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

VW/Audi Replacement Rotors
Adam's Rotors
MSRP: from $300 a set
If you need new rotors for your Euro, Adam's Rotors has the ticket thanks to tailored OEM replacement rotors. Prices are extremely affordable and you have an array of options including drilled, dimpled, slotted or any combination of the three with standard silver-zinc coating or your choice of gold or black zinc for corrosion protection. There's also Adam's favorite, black painted hubs to mimic the look of two piece "floating" units.

Eurp_1003_15_o+new_products+rotors Photo 16/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

DSG Transmission Performance Software
MSRP: website
Maximize your DSG transmission with high-performance software from the computer pros at Unitronic. Experience smooth and unsurpassed gear shifting, lightning fast responses and a highly-evolved launch control system. That's right, Unitronic takes the DSG trans and makes it better with ultra-fast changes plus more user-friendly performance. If you're serious about your DSG-equipped Euro, you shouldn't leave home without one.

Eurp_1003_16_o+new_products+software Photo 17/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

The Jelly Blade
Original California Car Duster Co
MSRP: website
Lets cut to the chase and admit that using a dozen towels to dry your car can be quite annoying. Then add the fact you're always left with water streaks and it adds insult to injury. But the car-care people at California Car Duster Co perfected its innovative Water Blade to make the new Jelly Blade. This nifty water remover is made from super-soft surgical-grade silicone and removes all water without scratching the finish. Just wipe it over your wet car and you're left with a dry beauty.

Eurp_1003_17_o+new_products+blade Photo 18/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

In all honesty, this is one of the best products I've used. I've had the older Water Blade for over 5 years and use it every time I wash my car. Without a doubt, the Jelly Blade is a must-have for any garage! - Justin

Vent Pod & Boost Gauge
Concepts In Motion
MSRP: $154.99
Now you can keep an eye on your engine with a quick glance thanks to the geniuses at Concepts In Motion. They've found the right angle with this angled vent-mounted gauge pod and boost gauge. That's right, the boost gauge actually faces the driver and sports either red or blue backlighting. If that's not enough, the 45mm boost gauge with electrical stepper-motor is extremely accurate and operates under a cloak of silence, unlike many traditional mechanical gauges.

Eurp_1003_18_o+new_products+gauge Photo 19/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

MSRP: $175
Teach an old dog new tricks with the slick-shifting USRT SmartShift available from TMTuning. And by old dog, we mean your non-cable operated Mk1-Mk3 VW transmission-equipped cars. By using a spherical bearing linkage instead of the OEM stud/snap connectors, you're guaranteed positive throws and slick-as-spit operation. So treat yourself to dead-on shifting and never miss a shift with some shifter treatment from TMTuning.

Eurp_1003_19_o+new_products+smartshift Photo 20/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010

GTX-R Turbos
MSRP: website
Forget your old T3/T4 or even your GT-series turbo because Garrett is boosting everything with its new line of GTX-R turbos. These efficient snails offer a 10% gain in flow and a 10% increase in pressure ratio over a traditional GT-series compressor, and also boast fully-machined billet wheels. Further cranking your boost, these hellacious huffers are also a direct replacement for the vintage turbine you've already got.

Eurp_1003_20_o+new_products+turbos Photo 21/21   |   Club Racer Brake Pads - Tuner Products March 2010



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