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BMW-Designed Executive Jet - Web Exclusive

BMW has partnered up with Embraer, the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world.

Apr 19, 2010


Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer, has presented its new generation of executive jets. The cabins and cockpits were created in the design studios of BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

Eurp_1004_02_o+bmw_designed_executive_jet+hand_rest Photo 2/6   |   BMW-Designed Executive Jet - Web Exclusive

Embraer is the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. In 2004 it invited DesignworksUSA to develop the interior design for Embraer's first executive jets in the light and very light segments - the Phenom 100 and the Phenom 300.

The cabins and cockpits were to reflect the best in functionality, design quality and space efficiency in the cockpit, passenger and baggage areas. The design team was faced with plenty of challenges. Innovative ideas needed to comply with strict safety regulations, be compatible with Embraer's production processes, and meet the expectation of a price and performance.

The design team cast a critical eye over almost every detail of a conventional executive jet and questioned the traditional definition of opulence as well as the symbolism of color, materials and form. For example, knowledge of driver demands gained in the automobile industry was integrated into the cockpit design. The Phenom cockpit currently provides the pilots with the most generous amount of space on the market.

The design of the Phenom jets stands out through a multitude of intelligent solutions and details. The entrance to the cabin is tailored to the human body and broadens out at shoulder height, giving the aisle its own, elegant form for freedom of movement and comfort. Integrated armrests have also been introduced. An innovative flooring design was implemented, consisting of new, durable materials, offering superior inherent value. Simultaneously, it provides a sustainable answer to the operator's demand for quality design combined with low cost and maintenance.

Eurp_1004_05_o+bmw_designed_executive_jet+seat Photo 3/6   |   BMW-Designed Executive Jet - Web Exclusive

The new color and materials concept, with seven options to choose from, is a modern, clean-cut, luxury experience. With the Phenom design, Embraer wanted to position itself as the unequivocal leader in innovation and quality in the entry-level jet segment. 100 jets have already been delivered to customers since Embraer started to accept orders, over 600 orders are waiting to be processed.

"We have achieved an outstanding result with the new Phenom design, something that we are very proud of," said Colin Steven from Embraer. "The partnership with DesignworksUSA was the key to a truly innovative interior design. For this reason, we awarded two subsequent contracts to the studio for the design of the Legacy 450 and 500 medium-haul jets."



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