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Katy Perry Brings Hollywood to BMW Welt - Web Exclusive

Sep 8, 2010

Katy Perry became the "Future Girl" for the filming of the new image campaign for German TV station ProSieben, and even resurrected Marilyn Monroe in one scene.

Eurp_1009_01_z+katy_perry_brings_hollywood_to_bmw_welt+katy_perry_as_marilyn_monroe Photo 2/3   |   Katy Perry Brings Hollywood to BMW Welt - Web Exclusive

The commercial takes place in the future, and the architecture of BMW Welt gives an ultra-modern feeling. Shining silver robots and a rocket also feature.

As part of the recording, Katy Perry performed her song, "Teenage Dream". The BMW Welt Hall and Auditorium formed the backdrop for the spectacular interior recording sessions.

The new campaign will be appearing on ProSieben from 1 September.

Thomas Muderlak, host and manager of BMW Welt, was delighted ProSieben chose BMW Welt. And with 2 million visitors, it is the most popular attraction in Bavaria. He was on hand to show Katy Perry the hightlights of BMW Welt, after which she signed the BMW Welt guestbook by kissing it.

BMW Welt's success is based on the diversity of the facilities it offers and its regularly changing exhibitions and focal themes. BMW Welt links technology, design and innovation with lifestyle, energy and culture and provides a public forum for encounters and dialogue. Those who wish to gain a fuller insight into the BMW brand can spend the day experiencing the entire complex, made up of BMW Welt, the BMW Museum and the BMW factory. The factory tours start in BMW Welt, which is directly linked via a bridge with the Museum and the Headquarters. With two restaurants, a bistro and a coffee bar, there is plenty of opportunity to eat and drink, and there are shopping facilities too. The Junior Campus is a fascinating independent section for 7-13 year-olds, based on the results of the latest scientific child and youth development research, and allowing visitors to discover "Mobility with every sense" in a playful way.

Eurp_1009_02_z+katy_perry_brings_hollywood_to_bmw_welt+katy_kissing_book Photo 3/3   |   Katy Perry Brings Hollywood to BMW Welt - Web Exclusive



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