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Citroen Survolt Art Car - Web Exclusive

The stunning all-electric Survolt racecar concept has been recharged with a bold fluorescent paint scheme by Francoise Nielly.

Oct 11, 2010

Citroen has launched a new season at the Company's C_42 international showcase. It features a display of exciting models including a new 'Art Car' version of the Survolt electric concept car by Francoise Nielly, as well as Flavio Melchiorre's personalized Citroen DS3 - winner of the Citroen Creative Awards competition.

Eurp_1010_01_o+citroen_survolt_art_car+driver_side_rear_view Photo 2/5   |   Citroen Survolt Art Car - Web Exclusive

The 14th season at the distinctive landmark building on the Champs-Elysees in Paris also celebrates this year's Paris Auto Show, bringing some of Citroen's newest models such as the new C4, C-Zero, DS3 Racing and DS4, to the public's attention in the center of Paris.

A specially created LED display on the C_42's facade welcomes visitors with a multi-screen, digital creation symbolizing Citroen's 'Creative Technologie'. Inside, the building's magnificent revolving rotunda presents Citroen's exciting model and concept ranges across several floors.

Eurp_1010_02_o+citroen_survolt_art_car+passenger_side_rear_view Photo 3/5   |   Citroen Survolt Art Car - Web Exclusive

In the ground floor atrium, the exhibition opens with DS4, the second model in Citroen's distinctive DS line. Guests can then experience the latest version of the C5 Tourer, presented in matte-black paintwork; the new C4, featuring Citroen's innovative new e-HDi micro-hybrid technology; the stylish, hot-blooded special-edition DS3 Racing, displayed in a carbon setting; and the zero noise, zero mpg and zero emission C-Zero electric city car.

Fresh from its exhilarating duel against an electric superbike (see the Video pages at - the first head-to-head of its kind - the stunning all-electric Survolt racecar concept has been recharged with a bold fluorescent paint scheme by Francoise Nielly.

Eurp_1010_03_o+citroen_survolt_art_car+driver_side_view Photo 4/5   |   Citroen Survolt Art Car - Web Exclusive

A source of inspiration for the original styling of Survolt, renowned contemporary artist Francoise Nielly worked closely with Citroen's design team to create the exciting new interpretation of Citroen's 100% electric racer - the Survolt 'Art Car'.

On the top floor of C_42 is a display of Flavio Melchiorre's personalized Citroen DS3 - the creation that won the Italian artist first prize in the Citroen Creative Awards, an international design competition launched in May 2010.

Eurp_1010_04_o+citroen_survolt_art_car+front_view Photo 5/5   |   Citroen Survolt Art Car - Web Exclusive

The first Citroen Creative Awards received over 700 projects from around the world and the prize-winners were announced at a special evening held at C_42 in October. Flavio Melchiorre's DS3 will be launched in 2011 together with other new DS3 personalization options.



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