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BMW to Build Vision Hybrid Sportscar - Web Exclusive

BMW has announced the four-seat sports car will be put into limited production.

Nov 5, 2010

The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics first appeared at the Frankfurt international auto show in 2009. And now BMW has announced the four-seat sports car will be put into limited production thanks to a raft of production-ready components included in the concept.

Eurp_1011_05_o+bmw_vision_hybrid_sportscar+lambo_doors Photo 2/18   |   BMW to Build Vision Hybrid Sportscar - Web Exclusive

A road-going version based on the concept study will be presented at the Leipzig trade fair center to give people the first opportunity to drive the 2+2 sports car powered by the innovative hybrid system. Since its premiere in 2009 it has received several awards both for its futuristic design and groundbreaking technology.

Gullwing doors facilitate entry to both rows of seats, while extensive aerodynamic measures reduce the drag coefficient to 0.22. The combination of a 3-cylinder turbo-diesel with a hybrid synchronous motor at the front axle and a full-hybrid engine at the rear axle enables an overall output of 328hp.

The ActiveHybrid technology allows performance figures at the level of a sports car, with 0-62mph in just 4.8 seconds and an average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle (KV01) of 3.76 liters/100km, equivalent to 62.5mpg US.

Eurp_1011_17_o+bmw_vision_hybrid_sportscar+full_view Photo 6/18   |   BMW to Build Vision Hybrid Sportscar - Web Exclusive

This is possible thanks to the intelligent linking of the output of the three engines, as well as precisely controlled energy management including brake energy regeneration. What's more, the study was conceived as a plug-in hybrid, so the lithium-polymer battery housed centrally in a longitudinal chassis element can be fully charged at a conventional power socket in just 2.5 hours.

The use of electrical energy alone permits zero-emissions motoring with a range of some 50km, while the 24-liter diesel tank extends the total radius of the vehicle to up to 700km.

By developing this sports car for production based on the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept, BMW is building on its current production technology in the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 and ActiveHybrid X6, two vehicles with a combination of combustion and electric drive.

The BMW Group is also undertaking extensive field tests with the MINI E and soon the BMW ActiveE to prepare for production of the Megacity Vehicle, which will be a purely electric model to be produced at the BMW Leipzig plant in 2013.



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