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2011 VW Jetta arrives in Europe - Web Exclusive

With its new package, styling and technology concepts, the Jetta has the potential to achieve successes in Europe similar to the USA.

Jan 13, 2011

See video fo the new Jetta in Europe at or

While the all-new VW Jetta was unveiled to Us consumers back in June 2010, the Mexican-built sedan is only just making it to Europe – how often does a European manufacturer release its products outside of Europe first?

Eurp_1101_13_o+2011_vw_jetta_arrives_europe+silver Photo 2/15   |   2011 VW Jetta arrives in Europe - Web Exclusive

With Volkswagen re-inventing the Jetta – a car that has been successful on all continents (over 9.6 million units sold) – the car is now measuring 3.5” longer, closing the gap between the Golf and Passat models in Europe. Visually, the new Jetta has also fully separated itself from the the Golf, on which it used to be based; as a result, the sedan is as independent mdoel like the Eos or Tiguan.

New sedan class:
The 2011 Jetta is being aimed at European drivers who desire asedan with comfort, safety and quality at the highest levels. So far, the vehicles offered in this size and quality have, for the most part, been significantly more expensive. Now the Jetta offers an alternative at an affordable price (from 20900 euros, $27500). The Volkswagen shines with new TDI and TSI engines (top fuel economy: 56mpg US), efficient dual-clutch transmissions (DSG) and spacious interior dimensions.

Success in the USA:
With its new package, styling and technology concepts, the Jetta has the potential to achieve successes in Europe similar to the USA. Over here, it is the most successful car sold in the US of any European car maker. Up to 110,000 vehicles have been sold during the best year. It was for this reason that Volkswagen presented the new US version of the car at the center of New York’s Times Square in June 2010.

Eurp_1101_01_o+2011_vw_jetta_arrives_europe+front_light Photo 3/15   |   2011 VW Jetta arrives in Europe - Web Exclusive

On both sides of the Atlantic the designers and engineers completely recreated the interior. Thanks to the long wheelbase that was extended along with the car’s overall length, the rear seating area has gained significant length (an additional 2.6” of legroom).

Tremendous advances were also made in the powertrain area. Consider the European 1.6L TDI with 105hp: In the BlueMotion Technology version, this common-rail turbo-diesel only consumes 56mpg US. Or take the example of the 1.2 TSI, which also outputs 105hp and has BlueMotion Technology: The direct injection turbo gasoline engine consumes just 44.4mpg US. Other power levels: a TDI with 140hp which is available in the US, and (following over the course of the year) three TSIs with 122, 160 and 200hp. This means that the Jetta will be exclusively powered by state-of-the-art charged direct injection engines. All engines except the 105hp TSI may be combined with an optional dual-clutch transmission (DSG).



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