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Focus Rally: America Kicks off at Superbowl - Web Exclusive

The first video webisode of the rally will post on on Saturday evening, Feb 5.

Feb 4, 2011

Focus Rally: America is launching into high gear as the six rally teams begin their adventure in Miami. The first video webisode of the rally will post on on Saturday evening, Feb 5.

Eurp_1102_01_o+focus_rally+front_view Photo 2/3   |   Focus Rally: America Kicks off at Superbowl - Web Exclusive

The Focus rally also will take center stage during the "Focus Rally: America Pre-Kick" before the Super Bowl Sunday on FOX at 6 pm EST; two spots featuring the rally will invite viewers to participate in Ford's social media campaign at

Focus Rally: America will allow viewers to not only follow along in real time but to participate virtually in challenges during the rally and even impact how the game plays out

Three unique spots will run during the Superbowl show, including two for Focus Rally: America. A 30-second and 60-second ad will introduce the rally teams and will also offer a call to action for viewers to engage with the interactive social media program online at

A third ad during Pre-Kick will feature the Ford F-150 with the new EcoBoost engine.

Ford's unique approach to promoting this campaign is a top priority, and follows the special announcement on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last night, when the participating teams found out where their adventure would begin.

During Focus Rally: America, teams will rely on friends, fans and followers to help complete challenges during the cross-country road rally. World Cup and Olympic gold medal winner Jonny Moseley will serve as the host of the show, which will run for five weeks.

Fans of Focus Rally: America can get involved in several ways. They can view the nightly video webisodes on beginning Saturday evening to see highlights of that day's rally.

At, they can follow the rally live and interact with rally teams while on the road. Additionally, they can join in the rally competition by registering as a supporter of one of the teams and then assisting that team to complete tasks and challenges throughout the rally.

Eurp_1102_02_o+focus_rally+front_view Photo 3/3   |   Focus Rally: America Kicks off at Superbowl - Web Exclusive

These registered "virtual team members" will earn points through daily interaction on, with some fans being rewarded with experiences to join in the rally along the way, similar to the six that were chosen to head to Miami. Additionally, eight 2012 Ford Focus vehicles will be awarded to fans and followers through the rally.

More than 10,000 people have already signed up to support their favorite team. Early data on these registered participants show that the program is drawing a diverse group of fans from both an age and geographic perspective. The top three markets generating followers are California, Illinois and New York.

Introducing the cast
Six teams will compete against each other to win the title of Focus Rally: America champion. The winning team will receive a grand prize of $100,000, and both team members will receive a new 2012 Ford Focus. The teams, named after the color of the Focus they will be driving, are:

Team Ingot Silver: Jeff Nash, 29, and Margot Baill, 27, both from Chicago; dating. Margo is a product development manager and Jeff owns his own bar

Team Yellow Blaze: Bryn Drescher, 33, originally from Essex, UK, and Donna Ruko, 33, both now residing in Los Angeles; friends. Bryn is a life coach and Donna is a lounge host/supervisor

Team Red Candy: Brittany Boddington, 25, from Northridge, Calif., and Matt Farah, 28, from Redondo Beach, Calif.; friends. Brittany is a writer, model and bartender and Matt is an automotive video host

Team Blue Candy: Adam Lustick, 27, and Clayton Early, 28, both from Brooklyn, NY; friends. Adam is a comedian and caterer and Clayton is a director of student affairs

Team Black: Benjamin Kemp, 28, from Philadelphia, and Michael Pericolosi, 25, from Lumberton, NJ; friends and band members. Benjamin is in marketing and event planning and Michael is a bartender and trainer

Team Sterling Grey: John Jung, 28, and Carolyn Bee, 24, both from Seattle; co-workers. John and Carolyn are both advertising account managers



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