Rack Ramps
Brute Industries
Info: raceramps.com
If you run a workshop it's time to throw out those heavy, rusty steel ramps on your four-post lift. Brute Industries manufacturers Race Ramps and has released its Hook Nosed Rack Ramps as a lightweight alternative to the heavy steel ramps used on typical lifts. Weighing as little as 9 lb each, they're approximately 75% lighter than most steel ramps. What's more, they're easy to move and store. The Rack Ramps provide a 6.7° angle of approach, enabling lowered vehicles to get on the lift without the front end scraping. They come in three sizes to accommodate tires up to 16" wide on the bigger model, and can support a 6000 lb vehicle. Other options include ramps for lifts where the factory ramps are permanently attached, as well as lifts with operating rods or cables that run in front of the steel beam.