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Peugeot 908 Hybrid4 Racecar - Web Exclsuive

The HYbrid4 recovers and stores kinetic energy generated under braking to provide a short power boost of 80hp automatically to the rear wheels under acceleration.

Mar 3, 2011

We covered the launch of the new Peugeot 908 endurance racecar at at the Paris Auto Show in February 2011. And now a diesel-hybrid version of that car has been unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show.

Eurp_1103_01_o+peugeot_908_hybrid6_racecar+top_view Photo 2/4   |   Peugeot 908 Hybrid4 Racecar - Web Exclsuive

The new Peugeot 908 has been designed to comply with the latest endurance racing regulations and will play a major part in the brand’s 2011 environmental strategy. It will be championed by the HYbrid4 technology, which combines diesel and electric power.

It’s development goes back to the Peugeot team's first hybrid demonstration car at Silverstone in 2008. Since then, Peugeot Sport has continued to work on this technology in collaboration with the Peugeot Group's engineers.

The system employed by the Peugeot 908 HYbrid4 recovers and stores the kinetic energy generated under braking, before feeding it back into the driveline during acceleration. Using this recovered energy in this way significantly improves the efficiency of the powertrain.

Eurp_1103_02_o+peugeot_908_hybrid6_racecar+side_view Photo 3/4   |   Peugeot 908 Hybrid4 Racecar - Web Exclsuive

The system provides a short power boost of 80hp for a few seconds when it is activated. Recovered energy (500kJ between two braking phases) is stored in lithium-ion batteries before being automatically released to power the rear wheels under acceleration (there is no "push to pass" function). It will also be possible to run in electric only mode along the pit-lane, and it is this mode that will be used for the car's homologation.

Following its world premiere in this white livery at the Geneva Auto Show, the Peugeot 908 HYbrid4, will run at the official pre-Le Mans 24 Hours test day at the French circuit on 24th April 2011.

Achieving this ambitious objective will be dependent on how well the team is doing with the new Peugeot 908 racecar, and on how the Peugeot 908 HYbrid4 performs during its maiden track test at the end of March. In short, if the car isn’t competitive in these tests, it won’t be raced and will undergo further development.

Eurp_1103_03_o+peugeot_908_hybrid6_racecar+rear_view Photo 4/4   |   Peugeot 908 Hybrid4 Racecar - Web Exclsuive

Peugeot 908 HYbrid4
Technical Data
Chassis: Carbon monocoque
Sequential, hydraulic, six forward speeds plus reverse
Diesel, V8 HDi FAP,
 3.7 liters, 550hp
Hybrid system:
80hp during energy delivery phases only
Energy storage: lithium-ion batteries;
Length 15.2ft;
width 6.5ft;
wheelbase 9.7ft;
height 3.4ft; weight 1984 lb



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