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Peugeot SXC Concept Car - Web Exclusive

Designed in China, this 313hp crossover concept features a 218hp, 1.6 liter gasoline engine with a 95hp electric motor to give it AWD capability.

Apr 15, 2011

Peugeot plans to launch at least one new model per year in China in the coming years, reinforcing its presence in the world’s largest car market. At the Auto Shanghai 2011, Peugeot is launching the Peugeot 508 onto the Chinese market and showcasing a new cutting-edge concept car, 100% designed in China – the SXC.

Eurp 1104 01 o+peugeot sxc concept car+top view Photo 2/4   |   Peugeot SXC Concept Car - Web Exclusive

The SXC was created by the Peugeot Style Studios at the China Tech Center in Shanghai and explores the idea of an exclusive, modern Crossover vehicle.

In 2010, Peugeot unveiled an evolutionary design style with various concept cars: the SR1 roadster, the BB1 city car, the EX1 two-seater roadster and the HR1. At Auto Shanghai 2011, the stylists expressed themselves in another category, which is becoming increasingly popular in the Chinese market.

With the SXC (Shanghai Cross Concept), the concept car combines characteristics from the SUV – strength, high driving position, protection – with a modern styling, elegant and refined, much closer to the upmarket world of the sedan than the SUV.

At the front, the SXC bears Peugeot’s new stylistic design codes. The theme of the unique "floating" grille, which appears to detach itself from the bodywork, fits harmoniously. The headlamps give it a piercing gaze echoing the marque's lion emblem affixed on the hood. This gaze is further emphasized by a luminous LED “signature”, recognizable both day and night.

Eurp 1104 02 o+peugeot sxc concept car+left view Photo 3/4   |   Peugeot SXC Concept Car - Web Exclusive

This visual signature is also present in the rear lamps, the “boomerang” shape of which matches the rear styling. Other detailing includes the tapered mirrors housing rearview cameras.

The roof bars have an original design, and their construction matches the trim around the side windows and numerous other components made from brushed aluminum.

The large 22” diameter wheels also contribute to the balance of the vehicle. Finally, the protective appearance, its generous size, the two-part panoramic roof and accessibility through reverse-hinged doors, promise a particularly vast passenger compartment.

One of Peugeot's priorities is to continue its environmental leadership, so the concept incorporates the HYbrid4 technology: with an internal combustion engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor driving the rears. This technology permits all-wheel drive when the engine and electric motor are operating at the same time, benefiting safety and grip in extreme conditions. It also permits driving at low speeds in "zero emissions" mode with the electric motor only. Under the hood, the internal combustion engine is a 1.6 liter THP gasoline engine delivering 218hp.

Eurp 1104 03 o+peugeot sxc concept car+interior Photo 4/4   |   Peugeot SXC Concept Car - Web Exclusive

Coupled with a 95hp electric motor, the maximum potential power output is 313hp with a combined fuel consumption of 40.5mpg US and CO2 emissions of 143g/km.



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