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Vorsteiner V-PT Porsche Panamera - Web Exclusive

Specializing in carbon fiber aerodynamic parts for high-end European cars, US company Vorsteiner started with BMWs and is moving into more exotic territory.

May 5, 2011

Following its Porsche 911 conversion, the company has just introduced it Panamera V-PT conversion for the rather awkward-looking four-door sports car.

Eurp 1105 03 o+vorsteiner v pt porsche panamera+headlights Photo 2/14   |   Vorsteiner V-PT Porsche Panamera - Web Exclusive

All the V-PT components are made using state of the art pre-preg autoclave carbon fiber technology. This is then finished with a multiple layers of UV-inhibiting clear laquer to ensure the carbon looks good after years in the sun and won’t get brittle with age.

The complete V-PT Porsche Panamera package includes the front bumper cover 
that incorporates a splitter with a removable carbon fiber insert. If the splitter is damaged, the insert can be removed and replaced easily. They also created an optional carbon fiber duct to channel air into the factory radiator and intercoolers. This provides an option to display our high quality carbon fiber weave, or go with a more subtle look and hide the duct behind an aluminum mesh grill insert shaped to fit the V-PT air dam.

The side skirts allows for customization of the carbon fiber finish, while the “ducktail” rear spoiler is said to add downforce to the rear while the factory electronic wing remains functional with the V-PT spoiler in place. 

The rear bumper combines three major components. The first are two vertical ventilation slits that extract heat from the exhaust system or trapped behind the wheel arches. The second is the carbon fiber diffuser, again said to add downforce, while the final element is a new sub-panel to replace the factory felt unit and aid airflow to the diffuser. 

Finally, the V-PT exhaust system is constructed from a choice of either stainless steel or titanium, with the latter boasting a weight savings of up to 40% over the stock system.

The V-PT Porsche Panamera package is available for all 2010-2012 Porsche Panamera Turbos through authorized Vorsteiner dealers.



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