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200MPH Skoda Octavia vRS At Bonneville - Web Exclusive

In doing so the car, dubbed the ‘vRS Bonneville Special’, has become the fastest Škoda ever.

Greg Emmerson
Aug 16, 2011

The Škoda Octavia vRS has become the latest member of Bonneville’s legendary 200mph club, and the fastest Škoda ever, after a specialy-prepared 500hp ‘salt spec’ challenger hit 202.15mph.

Eurp 1108 01+200 mph skoda octavia vrs+team photo Photo 2/4   |   200MPH Skoda Octavia vRS At Bonneville - Web Exclusive

The car was built to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the flagship vRS performance badge. With a target of 200mph, it completed its task four days ahead of schedule. In doing so the car, dubbed the ‘vRS Bonneville Special’, has become the fastest Škoda ever.

The Octavia vRS had achieved 195.69mph on its first run of the day. And by the car’s sixth official run at Bonneville Speed Week (13-20), the Octavia vRS propelled itself to an impressive 202.15mph.

The car was built by Škoda’s UK technical team in Milton Keynes, England. Requiring a large amount of horsepower to push through the high-speed barrier, it underwent a rigorous dyno-tuning program with the assistance of performance software and tuning specialists, Revo Technik.

Eurp 1108 02+200 mph skoda octavia vrs+run Photo 3/4   |   200MPH Skoda Octavia vRS At Bonneville - Web Exclusive

Although the car retains its standard production 2.0-litre four-cylinder TSI gasoline engine, the stock turbo was replaced by a large Garrett part to produce more than 30psi boost pressure, generating about 500hp. To help in this quest, the engine runs on high-octane race fuel with water/methanol injection to avoid detonation in the high temperatures.

Other modifications included lowering the ride height almost 80mm and a new subframe to house a larger intercooler. Stringent Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) safety regulations also meant it needed a reinforced rollcage, parachute, fire extinguishers and window cage.

Driven by journalist Richard Meaden from Evo Magazine, the Octavia demonstrated its potential on Sunday (14 August) as it powered its way to 191mph, securing all four speed licenses required before it could embark on its magical 200mph journey.

Robert Hazelwood, Director for Škoda UK, said: “Months of rigorous planning, testing and preparation have all been worthwhile. At 13:24 on Monday 15th August, we took our Octavia vRS past the 200 mphbarrier. The entire team has done an outstanding job. Our special thanks go to Richard on an incredible drive. “This marks another exciting milestone in the brand’s motorsport achievements and is a great way to celebrate 10 years of the vRS range as well as commemorating 110 years of Škoda participation in motorsport.”

Eurp 1108 03+200 mph skoda octavia vrs+parachute Photo 4/4   |   200MPH Skoda Octavia vRS At Bonneville - Web Exclusive

With four days remaining, the team is now focusing their efforts on closing the gap on the 2.0-liter production car record, which stands at 216mph.

By Greg Emmerson
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