Custom brake rotors
Adam’s Rotors • MSRP: website
If squealing brakes or a warped rotor has got your Euro sidelined, why not forego cheap, over-the-counter options in favor of custom brake rotors from Adam’s Rotors. These high-performance discs are custom-made to order, so the 2-3 week wait is in order for the company to produce on of its 12 designs for your fitment. These include dimpled, drilled, slotted, dimpled/slotted, dimple/drilled/slotted, etc. There are even some proprietary designs, such as the in-house Port I and II, along with custom patterns of your choice like the C-hook or J-hook. Adding to the long list of attributes of these serious stopper are coated hubs for a tidy install, and a colored zinc finish in case you like your rotors black or gold.