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Innovate Motorsports Digital AFR Gauge - Tuner News

This all-in-one gauge allows you to monitor and log your AFR in real-time.

Jul 30, 2011

Innovate Motorsports • MSRP: $199
There’s nothing worse than blowing your tuned engine because of poor maintenance or ignorance of a problem. But if you’re not monitoring your air/fuel ratios (AFR) in real-time, you could potentially be in for an expensive repair bill. All it takes is a lean condition caused by simple factors such as a bad spark or questionable fuel and your built motor could be reduced to nothing more than a paperweight. However, thanks to the new MTX-L AFR gauge from Innovate Motorsports, these worries are a thing of the past. This all-in-one gauge allows you to monitor and log your AFR in real-time. This is perfect not only to ensure your car isn’t running lean during an acceleration pull, but the datalogging features allow you to examine the state of tune and make changes accordingly. The MTX-L features DirectDigital technology, which allows the gauge to react faster than others on the market. Noteworthy features also include multiple faceplate and bezel colors, a water-resistant case, two fully programmable analog outputs and the ability to calibrate the oxygen sensor on its own. The unit comes with everything to get you started, including a quality oxygen sensor, and costs $199.

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We’ve always recommended fitting an AFR gauge in cars, whether normally aspirated or forced induction. Having a quality gauge is not only invaluable when monitoring your car during a pull, but you can review the data afterwards and make changes accordingly. The MTX-L is one of the best AFR gauges we’ve used to date. The interface is simple and the included software makes monitoring the engine a cinch. As for the hardware, the gauge is easy to read and extremely accurate, as verified against the O2 sensor on a Dynojet dynomometer, and it even accounts for alternative fuels like E85, race gas, diesel, etc – all of which can sometimes trick a lesser gauge into inaccurate results.

But it’s already proven its worth during a recent trip to the drag strip with a turbo build. Prior to the event, the vehicle hadn’t spent much time on-boost, but approaching redline in third gear at the track, the MTX-L noted the AFR was drastically lean. Fortunately, we were able to lift-off the throttle and coast through the traps, instead of unknowingly leaning out to the point of destruction. A quick look at the datalog proved the vehicle was lean up top and, when trackside fixes couldn’t remedy the situation, we packed up and went home. A later dyno session revealed the vehicle was running out of injector capacity up top. In this case, if we’d not fitted the MTX-L, we’d have grenaded the motor. So we now consider the gauge a cheap insurance policy - Justin


Innovate Motorsports
Irvine, CA



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