Tuscan I-beam rods
Integrated Engineering • MSRP: website
Info: intengineering.com
If you enjoy taking your tuned Euro to the limit long enough, you could likely fall victim to some form of engine failure. Whether it’s something major or minor, nothing is more catastrophic than a connecting rod failure. In most cases, the entire motor will be trashed as the rod smashes through the top-end before exiting through the block. Thanks to the internal engine pros at Integrated Engineering, they’ve got the high-power solution with their new Tuscan I-beam rods. These premium connecting rods feature extra-fine tolerances on the big and small ends and, thanks to ultra-precise FEA analysis, they’ve been proven capable of working with more than 1000whp in four-cylinder applications. Available for many Volkswagen, Audi and BMW applications, the parts are machined in the USA.