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New Porsche Bicycles - Web Exclusive

With a total weight of 24 lb it’s the perfect companion for either a long-distance cycle tour or city-based commute to work.

Greg Emmerson
Sep 30, 2011

Using the design principles proven by its sports cars, Porsche has created the Bike S and Bike RS urban cycle range, which combines the latest technology and highe quality materials with ‘ride anywhere’ capability.

The Porsche bike concept has been inspired by the company’s GT road-car department, responsible for creating the ultimate lightweight Porsche sports cars including the 500hp 911 GT3 RS 4.0. The high performance ethos is evident in both bicycles and is most apparent in the appropriately named Bike RS.

Porsche Bike S
The Porsche Bike S features a 7005 Hydroformed Aluminum frame, carbon fiber front forks and an internally-geared Shimano 11-speed Alfine hub gear system with appropriately, a double-clutch system for smooth gear-shifting under heavy pedal loads.

Eurp 1109 03+new porsche bicycles+white full view Photo 2/6   |   New Porsche Bicycles - Web Exclusive

DT Swiss wheels with smooth rolling resistance tires, optimized for resistance to punctures and also to assist performance on wet or rough terrain, and Magura disc-brakes complete this impressive specification.

With a total weight of 24 lb it’s the perfect companion for either a long-distance cycle tour or city-based commute to work.

Porsche Bike RS
Weighing 20 lb with a newly-developed, carbon fiber monococque frame, which provides high levels of stability and damping, the Porsche Bike RS offers the optimum dynamic performance across a variety of terrains, from an urban street to a country path. Lightweight, high quality components such as a carbon fiber seat post, handlebars and stem are key features.

Eurp 1109 01+new porsche bicycles+cover Photo 3/6   |   New Porsche Bicycles - Web Exclusive

Equipment usually reserved for high-level cycle racing is also part of the specification of the Bike RS, such as the 20-speed Shimano XTR derailleur gearset. Other features include Magura hydraulic disc brakes and Crank Brothers wheels, optimized with the same low-rolling resistance tires as the Bike S.

By Greg Emmerson
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