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Hoonigan Inc. Rauh-Welt Begriff 1991 Porsche 911 Turbo - Web Exclusive

Hoonigan Inc. launches at SEMA with Rauh-Welt Porsche project.

Greg Emmerson
Nov 2, 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada 11.1.11: Doesn't matter if you are a rally racer, a drag racer, a road racer, a hot rodder, a drifter, or a NYC cabby, if you like to slay tires, get sideways or dabble with automotive aeronautics, you are a Hoonigan. The name is derived from the Australian slang word “hoon,” which refers to one who partakes in burnouts, doughnuts, or just general unorthodox driving, and today, this new motorsport lifestyle brand announced its official launch at SEMA while also introducing one of the first ever Rauh- Welt Porsches built in the United States. Hoonigan was founded by Mr. Gymkhana himself and DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block. Filling the role of Chief Brand Officer is former 0-60 Magazine Editor-in-Chief and Monster World Rally Team Marketing Director Brian Scotto (aka the Gymkhana THREE Segway dude).

Eurp 1111 01+hoonigan inc rauh welt porsche+cover Photo 2/2   |   Hoonigan Inc. Rauh-Welt Begriff 1991 Porsche 911 Turbo - Web Exclusive

The first season line of Hoonigan apparel will be available later on this year, when the Hoonigan website launches. In addition to the online store, will become the portal for all things hooning. In 2012, Hoonigan will announce it's partnerships and plans to expand beyond just apparel.

While the brand has been teased since the logo first appeared on Ken Block's Monster Energy Ford Fiesta in Gymkhana THREE Part 2, today is the brand's official launch. To the mark the date, Hoonigan printed 500 limited edition first print shirts. Each one is numbered and will be available via the Hoonigan store on Facebook. The shirt is marked with today's date: 11.1.11.

In conjunction with the brand's launch, Hoonigan partnered with legendary Japanese Porsche builder Rauh-Welt Begriff to build one of the first ever Rauh-Welt 911s here in the United States. Akira Nakai, the sole craftsman behind RWB, has a unique vision for building cars: one where the function is the fashion, and the results are beast-like machines that scream purpose. This is the Hoonigan attitude.

The construction of the RWBxHOONIGAN 965 began in early October at the brand new RWB USA facility, adjacent to the Fatlace Paddock in San Mateo, CA. Nakai-san performed his signature work on the car over the course of three days, cutting off fenders, bolting on new, bigger, badder ones, as well as, the rest of the RWB 964 Street Kit. Unlike most builders, Nakai brings much of his own vision to his builds. Tweaking every one a bit different, so no two cars are the same. When finished, he names them. Fittingly, this 965 was dubbed “Hoonigan Style.”

Meant to be driven and not trailered, Brian Scotto drove his RWBxHOONIGAN 965 over 850 miles to Las Vegas, Nevada, with a few spirited detours along the jaunt. To see this machine in the flesh, stop by the Mobil 1 SEMA booth (24243). This project is just a sampling of what is to come from Hoonigan in the future.

For more on Hoonigan follow us: (coming soon)

1991 Porsche 911 Turbo

-RWB "Street kit" including bumpers, rockers, rear wing, bolt on over fenders, canards and race spec tow hook all installed by Nakai, the builder behind the now infamous Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsches.
-Fifteen52 964 Crosshair Headlights
-Non-Sunroof roof skin installed by TNT Auto Body
-Full Matte White paint by TNT Auto Body

-18x11, 18x12.5 fifteen52 3GS Tarmac Split wheels
-Pirelli P Zero tires 265/40-18 front, 315/30-18 rear
-KW Variant 3 coilovers including front HLS system
-Porsche 993 Turbo Brakes

-Full Factory installed S2 Andial engine upgrade including intercooler, turbo, software, cams, exhaust etc.
-Arqray full titanium exhaust (post SEMA)
- Engine oil: Mobil 1

-Recaro Profi XL seats wrapped in Lobster Red Porsche Leather
-Momo race 300mm Steering Wheel
-Momo aluminum pedal set
-Rothsport steering wheel hub and quick release
-Rothsport complete shift assembly
-Schroth Race Harnesses

By Greg Emmerson
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