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Ice-Racing Success for Dacia Lodgy Glace - Web Exclusive

The action will continue in Andorra where Team Dacia will be looking for a better finish.

Dec 20, 2011

We previously reported on Romanian manufacturer, Dacia, and its 340hp V6 ice-racing entry in the famous Andros Trophy series. Based on its new Lodgy MPV, two cars would be driven by ex-F1 champion Alan Prost, his son Nicolas and Evens Stievenart.

Eurp 1112 01+ice racing dacia lodgy glace+team Photo 2/5   |   Ice-Racing Success for Dacia Lodgy Glace - Web Exclusive

Read the original story here:

Following its first competitive outing, the Dacia Lodgy Glace scored a podium thanks to Evens Stievenart, who was third in the opening race at Val Thorens in France.

Eurp 1112 02+ice racing dacia lodgy glace+racing Photo 3/5   |   Ice-Racing Success for Dacia Lodgy Glace - Web Exclusive

Conditions were made difficult by a lack of ice for the vent, but Alain Prost, Nicolas Prost and Evens Stievenart all succeeded in showcasing Team Dacia’s latest challenger.

The action will continue in Andorra where Team Dacia will be looking for a better finish.

Eurp 1112 03+ice racing dacia lodgy glace+side view Photo 4/5   |   Ice-Racing Success for Dacia Lodgy Glace - Web Exclusive

Although wintry conditions had yet to arrive in the French Alps, the track at Val Thorens featured a satisfactory layer of ice, which allowed all three drivers to give Dacia Lodgy Glace its maiden run. The first weekend of the season taught the team a great deal, despite the delicate track conditions, but the results point to an exciting championship to come, with 10 or more drivers capable of challenging for the title.

Evens Stievenart (3th): “I continued to drive as though I was on ice, but a racing style would have been more appropriate. That’s a lesson for the future. The positives are that I’ve scored points and been able to get an idea of Dacia Lodgy Glace’s potential. I am third in the provisional Trophée Andros standings, so that’s satisfying. We will work as a team to ensure that Alain Prost catches up with the leaders to challenge for what promises to be an extremely competitive championship.”

Eurp 1112 04+ice racing dacia lodgy glace+podium Photo 5/5   |   Ice-Racing Success for Dacia Lodgy Glace - Web Exclusive

Alain Prost (8th): “I had a good chance of winning the second qualifying heat but my chances took a blow on the last lap. The tenths of a second I lost were enough to drop me from first to third place. We showed that we will be able to fight for the title and Dacia has already claimed a podium finish. The car clearly has potential. The level is very high and it’s a shame that we didn’t come away with more points than we did, but there’s a long way to go before the end of the season.”

Val Thorens 1 – final positions:

    1, Benjamin Rivière (Skoda Fabia).
    2, Pierre Llorach (Renault Clio III).
    3, Evens Stievenart (Dacia Lodgy Glace).
    4, Olivier Panis (Skoda Fabia).
    5, Jean-Philippe Dayraut (Mini Countryman).
    6, Nicolas Bernardi (Ford Fiesta).
    7, Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (Renault Clio III).
    8, Franck Lagorce (Skoda Fabia).
    9, Alain Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace).
    10, Didier Thoral (Toyota Auris)…
    23, Nicolas Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace)

Val Thorens 2 – final positions:

    1, Olivier Panis (Skoda Fabia).
    2, Jean-Philippe Dayraut (Mini Countryman).
    3, Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (Renault Clio III).
    4, Franck Lagorce (Skoda Fabia).
    5, Alain Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace).
    6, Evens Stievenart (Dacia Lodgy Glace).
    7, Julien Maurin (Ford Fiesta).
    8, Jacques Villeneuve (Skoda Fabia).
    9, Bertrand Balas (Mini Countryman).
    10, Pierre Llorach (Renault Clio III)…
    19, Nicolas Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace)

Provisional Trophée Andros standings:

    1, Olivier Panis (Skoda Fabia), 150 points.
    2, Jean-Philippe Dayraut (Mini Countryman), 147.
    3, Evens Stievenart (Dacia Lodgy Glace), 144.
    4, Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (Renault Clio III), 143.
    5, Franck Lagorce (Skoda Fabia), 142.
    6, Pierre Llorach (Renault Clio III), 141.
    7, Benjamin Rivière (Skoda Fabia), 136.
    8, Alain Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace), 136.
    9, Nicolas Bernardi (Ford Fiesta), 129…
    21, Nicolas Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace), 91



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