DJ Gear
Pioneer • MSRP: $699
Boogie-bang-bang beats are a two-step away from bringing down the house at the next party with this ultra-compact DJ controller. Pioneer’s DDJ-ERGO enables upcoming DJs to get the party started with Virtual DJ LE software to mix their music collection right out of the box. Of course, this machine keeps things classy with contoured edges and a large 115mm platter plus various area illuminating lights thanks to “Pulse Control”. The lighting system works off various music responses, such as the pitch, beat and effects. The controller has a laptop dock that places the controller underneath, putting the screen closer for space-saving benefits for your connectable MIDI devices. With loops, effects and the ability to create samples, as well as mix up-to four audio channels, and even host video playback, it will be a surefire way to get yourself invited to the next all-nighter.