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Photochop Challenge 12 VW Beetle

The best of your VW Beetle artwork.

Greg Emmerson
Mar 27, 2012

In the 11/11 issue of eurotuner Magazine we provided a photo of the new VW Beetle and once again challenged you to create something that would rock our world (

We also know the guys at VW of America pay close attention to what you do, so we wanted them to see how you might approach the restyled Bug.

Eurp 1205 02+photochop challenge 12 vw beetle+prize Photo 1/59   |   Todor gets a pair of Pro Spec driving shoes from DC Shoes as a reward

With its sharper edges but distinctive lines, the Beetle is a motoring icon that lends itself to everything from a cuddly Herbie to a 911 Turbo replica – and we’re happy to say, that’s exactly what we got!

Although we had fewer entries than usual, we’re confident these are some of the best renderings we’ve seen; clearly, the Beetle inspired you.

As before, we’d like to thank Mr Mitsch from Quartz Hill High School and Ms Knight from Knight High School for again encouraging their computer graphics students to enter the challenge. We included some of our favorite entries in print, but every single entry can be found here at as usual.

In our top 20 printed selection, we included the work of Jose Lara from KHS in our shortlist, as well as four illustrations from QHHS. Despite it being their first semester, Jacob Buller, Kyle Lewandowski, Isaac Hernandez and Nicole Panossian caught our attention. We look forward to seeing what all these children can do once they’ve got a bit more experience. All the remaining images can be found here.

Although the Photochop Challenge is just for fun, we like to recognize talent with a pair of Pro Spec 1.0 competition driving shoes courtesy of Ken Block at DC Shoes (

Eurp 1205 03+photochop challenge 12 vw beetle+francis phillips Photo 2/59   |   Francis Phillips’ R32-powered Beetle dropped on LMs is simple but dramatic

These babies cost around $200 in stores or online, and the FIA-approved Pro Spec comes in Royal blue. It was developed for use by professional drivers such as Ken; co-founder of the premier skate shoe company, Ford WRC driver and star of his own legendary Gymkhana videos.

Deciding the recipient was again very difficult. It came down to Neill holding his breath and some arm-wrestling with Sam. Eventually, we gave the nod to Todor Kolev from Bulgaria. He finished second in our Previous Ford Focus Photochop, but reached the top step this time around.

His classic 911-style makeover was superbly executed in its candy red paint. It has some good shading and we liked its deep front spoiler, side skirts, mirrors as well as that rear wing. We also loved the deep-dish BBS, and there’s great interior detail with its Recaro seats and rear cage.

Todor will now be the best dressed man in Bulgaria with his Pro Spec 1.0 shoes! More of his work can be found at

We’re also going to send T-shirts to the guys in second and third places because they definitely deserve special recognition. We loved Francis Phillips’ cool-blue Bug with its R32 swap, BBS LMs and new front bumper. Francis also shaved the hood, bumpers and doors to give it a super-clean finish that begs to be driven.

Jordy Williams also deserves commendation for his Bug Speedster with its chopped roof, shortened windshield, larger front bumper, spaced wheels, custom paint and leather interior.

Jordy entered a second Beetle that made this printed shortlist: it’s the slightly stretched pink/green illustration on Ronal Turbos…

Other mentions go to Barry Borchardt’s aggressive racecar, Cameron Scott’s surf Bug and Daniel Nita’s widebody.

Once again, Mike Shofner put pencil to paper with good effect, proving you don’t have to master Photoshop to enter a Photochop Challenge.

We’d like to congratulate our top 20 and encourage you to check out all the other entries here at

Look out for Photochop Challenge 13 in the June 2012 issue of eurotuner Magazine and here at

And if you have any ideas for cars you’d like to tackle, email us at

By Greg Emmerson
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