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BMW HP4 Created from S1000RR Superbike - Web Exclusive

The HP4 embodies outstanding dynamics and high-quality materials.

Greg Emmerson
Jul 27, 2012
Eurp 1207 01+bmw hp4 s1000rr superbike+cover Photo 1/13   |   BMW HP4 Created from S1000RR Superbike - Web Exclusive

As if BMW’s S1000 RR superbike didn’t already have a storming reputation, the copany has evolved it into the new HP4, that will slot into the existing HP family that included the HP2 Enduro, HP2 Megamoto and HP2 Sport. As it’s name suggests, the HP4 will be the first four-cylinder motorcycle in the high-tech HP family.

HP stands for high performance, and the HP4 embodies outstanding dynamics and high-quality materials. In fact, BMW claims the HP4 will be immediately ready for track use without any modifications. Yet it will also offer dynamic riding on public roads.

As an evolution of the S1000RR, the new HP4 will provide a homologation version for superbike and superstock racing, thanks to numerous technological innovations.

Sold in a single-seat form with a passenger seat cover, riders can order the bike with a passenger package that includes the second seat and footrest system.

Eurp 1207 02+bmw hp4 s1000rr superbike+cornering Photo 2/13   |   BMW HP4 Created from S1000RR Superbike - Web Exclusive

As a world first for a production motorcycles, the HP4 will come with standard Dynamic Damping Control (DDC). Derived from BMW’s automobile aplications, the system allows the upside-down forks to adapt to specific road conditions. The damping can adapted to either a specific maneuver or the road surface, offering the best damping for any situation, to increase traction and safety.

The HP4 also has a refined version of the S1000RR’s braking system with Brembo monoblock brake calipers and 9x floating rotors at the front in conjunction with a refined Race ABS system. It retains the RR’s four modes for wet surfaces ("Rain"), roads ("Sport"), racetrack with supersports tires ("Race") and race track with slicks ("Slick"). However, racing experience means the "Slick" mode has been developed to create maximum braking.

The bike’s Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) has also been recalibrated to operate with the new 200/55 ZR17 rear tire. It will also adapt in "Slick" mode to either changing conditions or the rider's preference.

The HP4 will be the first BMW motorcycle to have a Launch Control function in "Slick" mode for race starts by limiting torque, allowing the rider to control acceleration using the clutch. However, torque is reduced when a wheelie is detected.

The HP4’s standard shift assistant will allow the rider to shift gears with virtually no interruption of power.

Eurp 1207 03+bmw hp4 s1000rr superbike+controls Photo 9/13   |   BMW HP4 Created from S1000RR Superbike - Web Exclusive

The bike has also been through a weight loss program, saving 5.3 lb with new forged seven-spoke wheels and a lighter sprocket carrier. The titanium exhaust saved an additional 10 lb compared to the RR, and includes an interference pipe between cylinders two and three, a controlled acoustic valve and a closed-loop catalytic converter.

The 193hp RR engine has increased torque from 6000-9750rpm and there is a smoother torque curve in "Rain" mode between 2500-8000rpm. Unlike the RR, the HP4 will deliver full output in "Rain", "Sport", "Race" and "Slick" modes, making it more suited to the racetrack.

The HP4 has a new instrument cluster with more information and functions. The display shows the 
DDC set-up menus as well as the DTC fine adjustment and Launch Control activation.

Visually, the bike has a dual-section engine spoiler and tinted windshield. Small LED indicators are integrated and the laser-engraved HP4 logo on the upper fork bridge and a Racing blue metallic/Light white paint finish is available.

And I that isn’t sufficient, a Competition Package is available, providing a long carbon engine spoiler, adjustable rear sets, folding brake and clutch levers, Racing blue metallic wheels and even a sponsor sticker set.

Eurp 1207 13+bmw hp4 s1000rr superbike+leaning Photo 13/13   |   BMW HP4 Created from S1000RR Superbike - Web Exclusive
By Greg Emmerson
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