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GT86 In Classic Toyota Liveries

Automaker celebrates decades of design and engineering with 6 coupes done up in famous skins prepped for the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Jun 3, 2015
Photographer: Toyota

Part of what makes the Scion FR-S - and by extension the Toyota 86 and GT86 - so special a platform is its Toyota sports car heritage. From the 2000GT to the AE86 Corolla to the Supra Mk IV, the contemporary RWD coupe can trace its lineage to some pretty iconic machinery. Toyota in the UK recognized this, and to celebrate the family bond decided to commission a fleet of six GT86 finished in one-off classic liveries celebrating its great race and rally cars of the past. The half dozen will be on display at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

GT86 classic livery IMSA GTU class Celica 1 Photo 5/39   |   GT86 Classic Livery IMSA GTU Class Celica 1

The display encapsulates some 50 years of Toyota tradition, and a different model inspires each 86. Source material includes the Yatabe Speed Trial Toyota 2000GT, Shelby 2000GT, Ove Andersson's 1970s Celica 1600GT rally car, IMSA GTU Celica, WRC Celica GT-Four, and the Esso Ultron Tiger Supra from the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship.

GT86 classic livery Yatabe Speed Trial 2000GT 1 Photo 12/39   |   GT86 Classic Livery Yatabe Speed Trial 2000GT 1

The Toyota UK blog does an awesome job detailing the cars, which includes posts about how the cars were pieced together (spoiler alert: they're mostly vinyl wraps, lowering springs, aftermarket exhausts and retro-styled wheels). The one-off collection will make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed's Moving Motor Show on June 25th, where they will be available for public test-drives on a course that includes Goodwood's famous hill climb. For the remainder of the festival they will be on static display at the Goodwood racing circuit, supporting the GT86 Drift Experience.

S6H 7559 Photo 16/39   |   S6H 7559
GT86 classic livery 2015 6 Photo 29/39   |   GT86 Classic Livery 2015 6
GT86 classic livery dynamic 2 Photo 39/39   |   GT86 Classic Livery Dynamic 2
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