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Photography Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

Dec 1, 2008
Photographers: Michael Chandler, Andrew Jay, Yong Tian, Jason Kocheran
Htup_0812_01_z+honda_crx_car_photo_tips_location_legality_lighting+crx_pic Photo 1/10   |   Photography Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

Shooting Straight:
Photo Tips From A Pro
Location, Location, Location
Location has long been an important part of automotive photography. Regardless of what type of car you're shooting, the background can make or break the shot. Of course, every photographer would love to have the perfect background available for each shoot but, realistically, complications involving locations are not uncommon. Photogs must often travel to different cities or states on assignment, to areas they're not familiar with yet try their best to make something happen. In cases like these, it's best to arrive early and scout out potential spots. Everyone has their preferences, although I prefer the rougher parts of town where broken-down and rusted-out structures are common; such aged and weathered backgrounds contrast well against a nice, clean, in-focus subject. Underground parking structures and loading docks have been overdone, however, they're often the only option in a town that doesn't have much to offer in terms of scenery. But, as I've been known to say on occasion, a real photographer should be able to adapt and create something eye-catching despite the circumstances. With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind when location hunting:

The Car
Think about its color and bodylines before settling on a spot. Shooting a white car against a white wall won't photograph as well as shooting it in front of, say, a red, brick building.

Determine how much time you have left before you lose or gain the amount of natural light that you want. Consider which way the sun is facing in relation to your subject. If the area isn't lit the way you want, make sure you have ample flash power to finish the shoot.

Htup_0812_02_z+honda_crx_car_photo_tips_location_legality_lighting+civic_group_view Photo 2/10   |   Photography Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

Shooting a nice car in a bad area isn't always smart. If the area looks particularly shady, have a few friends join you; there's safety in numbers. Shooting alone in downtown Los Angeles at 1a.m. just isn't a smart thing to do. Use common sense.

You can't just go shooting anywhere you want to. Ports, Federal buildings, airports, and the like have strict security regulations, and you may have a run-in with authorities as a result.

Your Snaps, Eibach's Schwag
It's official. We ain't playin' around. Your Honda-related photography could just land you fresh Eibach gear: a set of Sportline or Pro-Kit springs or a brand-spankin'-new set of Eibach coilovers. Check out the fine print for contest rules and details.

E-mail submissions to (include OH SNAPS in the subject)

Or Via Snail Mail To:
Honda Tuning Magazine/OH Snaps2400 E. Katella Ave, Suite 1100Anaheim, CA 92806

Htup_0812_03_z+honda_crx_car_photo_tips_location_legality_lighting+shocks_view Photo 3/10   |   Photography Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

Keep things Honda/Acura-related and use your imagination. We need high-resolution images sized to a minimum of 4x4 inches-low-res snapshots and 3x5 prints will be tossed into the round filing cabinet. All submissions must be accompanied by complete contact information including your name, phone number, shipping address, e-mail address, and Web site address (if applicable). No contact info, no prize.

Winners will be selected monthly by the Honda Tuning staff. Refrain from watermarking submitted images; the appropriate credit will be displayed next to all published works. Honda Tuning magazine reserves the right to publish, crop, resize, and/or remove watermarks from all submitted images for the sole purpose of OH SNAPS in order to suit publication.

Monthly prizes:
All entrants with submissions selected and published in OH SNAPS will receive Eibach hats, T-shirts, and stickers. Prizes will be shipped to the contact information provided upon publication.

Htup_0812_04_z+honda_crx_car_photo_tips_location_legality_lighting+honda_s_pic Photo 4/10   |   Photography Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

Quarterly prizes:
One quarterly winner will receive his or her choice of Eibach Sportline or Pro-Kit springs for his or her desired Honda/Acura application. The winner will be selected from previous OH SNAPS monthly winners. The quarterly winner will be announced concurrent with publication in the June and September issues and will be contacted for prize redemption upon publication.

The Grand Prize:
One grand-prize winner will receive a complete set of Eibach coilovers for his or her desired Honda/Acura application. The grand-prize winner will be selected from previous OH SNAPS monthly and/or quarterly winners. The grand-prize winner will be announced concurrent with publication in the December issue and will be contacted for prize redemption upon publication.

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