Don't get mad, get EV-N
Another concept recently displayed at the Geneva Auto show, the Honda EV-N is a battery electric vehicle reminiscent of the diminutive N360 city car of the late '60s. Solar panels in to the roof of the car work to charge the car while it is parked, and two of Honda's U3-X electric personal mobility devices are attached to the inside of each door. A Lithium ion battery pack and small electric motor are included at no extra cost, making it best suited for local, urban use. The EV-N concept's four-seat interior makes use of the compact dimensions of the battery electric drivetrain, maximizing space and utility without increasing dimensions. The seats are forged from high quality mesh fabric, making them light and easy to change, allowing drivers to customize the color and fabric of the interior without lifting more than a hand or two. With its deliberately minimalistic interior style, the EV-N will appeal not only to the general public, but the most devoted feng-shui master as well.