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Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

Damn It These Are Dope

Nov 1, 2008
Impp_0811_01_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+iphone3g Photo 1/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

Iphone 3G
Drastically cutting the price on its lust-inducing Smartphone, introducing speed-doubling wireless 3G technology and tacking on GPS mapping support, Apple's latest touch screen-rocking beauty's bound to give iCult members instant euphoria. Part iPod, part cellular handset, packing a gorgeous display and the newfound ability to browse and download applications from games to educational programs, it's one sick study in modern-day industrial engineering. Upgrade from a 8GB to 16GB ($299) model, and your ears and eyes-if not wallet-will thank you. / $199.99

Impp_0811_02_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+nokia_n810 Photo 2/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

N810 WiMAX Edition
As much as we love surfing the Internet on the crapper, who really digs dropping a deuce while holding a weighty, full-sized laptop? Enter the current contender: a hyper-speedy wireless-enabled tablet PC with a slick monitor, full QWERTY keyboard, GPS functionality, and effortless Web access capabilities. Multimedia buffs can store 10GB of songs or home videos on the sucker, or pop in a headset and drunk-dial to their heart's content using services like Skype. Riiiiing! Ex-girlfriends, you've been warned. / $499.00

Impp_0811_03_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+voodoo_envy_1333 Photo 3/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

ENVY 133
Portability and sex appeal: Two qualities that shine brightest in this 3.4-pound ultra-portable notebook, which packs a 13.3-inch display and WiFi connectivity, yet measures just 0.70 inches thick, 12.65 inches wide, and 9.04 inches deep. Quick start-up features let you boot and access vital websites like Rate My Poo or The Onion painlessly, while HDMI/USB ports allow for effortless system expansion, and a backlit keyboard and built-in camera add flair. Still, it's custom candy-paint options that'll have most geeks catching the vapors. / $2,099

Impp_0811_04_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+powerdock_4 Photo 4/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

Powerdock 4
Often as you reference your digital media (seriously, who could miss Miley Cyrus' latest video), it's imperative that devices always stay well juiced. Doing so is simple with the newest innovation in charging docks, capable of powering up four iPods and iPhones (or any combination thereof) simultaneously. No need to worry about compatibility either: Universal adapters ensure the gizmo works with every model from Touch to Classic, Nano, and Mini. Penny pinchers can save by copping a two-unit edition ($49.99). / $69.99

Impp_0811_05_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+slingbox_pro_hd Photo 5/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

Slingbox PRO-HD
Everyone knows the Slingbox, a little set-top gem that allows you to push video content from virtually any source (DVR, cable box, DVD player) to laptop or cell phone for instant remote viewing. Now comes the next generation, capable of flinging high-def broadcasts to your PC, hotel room-1.5-2 mbps broadband connection and SlingCatcher receiver required-or a TV located elsewhere around the house. With integrated 16:9 widescreen support, get ready-locked bedroom, HDTV, and Jenna Loves Rocco, here we come... / $399.99

Impp_0811_06_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+star_wars_the_force_unleashed Photo 6/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Rejoice, Padawan: Now you can play as Darth Vader's apprentice in a technically stunning action-adventure that allows you to shatter wood, glass, and jaws alike using magical grip, push, repulse, and lightning powers...and not just half-naked with a broom wearing Jar-Jar underoos by the TV's feeble light. Fling Jedi about like rag dolls, or incinerate adversaries while touring the galaxy's four corners from TIE fighter facilities to Wookie homeworld, Kashyyyk. Bonus: For laughs, before mangling adversaries, try making off-color references to your "lightsaber." / PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii

Impp_0811_07_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+lego_batman Photo 7/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

Lego Batman
Capitalizing upon LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones' success, this LEGO We're-Desperately-Running-Out-of-Licenses successor, nonetheless proves a satisfying foray into the gadget-laden, melee-heavy world of the Caped Crusader. Set in Gotham City and starring the Dark Knight and androgynous sidekick Robin, highlighted scenarios focus on mauling famed Arkham Asylum escapees like the Joker and Penguin. Whether socking it to Scarecrow, enjoying Riddler's rhymes, or just lusting after Catwoman, dance recitals notwithstanding, it's the most fun you'll ever have in tights. / PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360

Impp_0811_08_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+bboy Photo 8/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

Hip-hop and you don't stop... Popping and locking to joints like The Black Eyed Peas' "Bringing it Back" or Cypress Hill's "The Phuncky Feel One" in this unexpectedly convincing break-dancing simulator, that is. Playing like a fighting game gone pacifist, prepare to throw down against opponents; using carefully timed button combos to freeze, windmill, and head spin like a pro. Easy to get into and enjoy, except for the last-gen visuals and repetitive action, it's booty-shaking at it's finest. / PS2, PSP

Impp_0811_09_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+sid_meiers_civilization_revolution Photo 9/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution
Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it-especially here, as the popular PC strategy series translates into a surprisingly deep and user-friendly console outing. Choose an ancient culture and then interact with the likes of Napoleon, Gandhi, and Julius Caesar while growing in stature, subjugating rivals, and enjoying near-infinite replay value courtesy of downloadable scenario, mod, and map add-ons. Albeit more involving than the average time-waster, built-in online connectivity and voice/video chat make it an engaging exercise in casual megalomania. / DS, PS3, Xbox 360

Impp_0811_10_z+cool_electronic_gadgets+madden_nfl_2009 Photo 10/10   |   Cool Electronic Gadgets - Widgets

Madden NFL 2009
20th Anniversary Collector's EditionNot a sports fan? Break out the beer and foam fingers, because the number one name in computerized football is celebrating two decades of domination with its most accessible installment yet. No experience necessary to enjoy the slickest armchair QB anthology ever, pairing the game itself-which now detects player skill level, and adjusts depth/difficulty accordingly-with top-notch tactical sim Head Coach 09 and bonus video footage. Offering 32-man online leagues, instant play do-overs, and killer commentary; it's paradise by the stadium lights. / PS3, Xbox 360



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