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Koenigsegg Will Sell You a Regera Made from Naked Carbon Fiber

And it's absolutely gorgeous

Collin Woodard
Dec 6, 2018

Koenigsegg builds some of the fastest, rarest cars in the world. They're also mechanical marvels that feature innovations such as the gearless hybrid powertrain found in the Regera. As you can imagine, they're also incredibly expensive. But if you happen to be wealthy enough that a regular Regera isn't rare or expensive enough for you, Koenigsegg may have a solution: naked carbon fiber.

Koenigsegg Regera NakedCarbon 6 Photo 2/10   |   Koenigsegg Regera Nakedcarbon 6

Koenigsegg announced that it has built the first car ever finished in its version of naked carbon fiber. Creatively called Koenigsegg Naked Carbon, or KNC, it uses no lacquer or varnish to protect the carbon surface. Even the thin layer of epoxy that typically stands between the carbon fibers and the outside world has been removed by hand, leaving behind only pure carbon.

The result is a car that's absolutely gorgeous. The Koenigsegg Regera is already a good-looking car, but the KNC treatment takes it to a completely different level. Is it necessary? Not at all. But just look at these photos. It's pure art in engineering.

Koenigsegg Regera NakedCarbon 8 Photo 3/10   |   Koenigsegg Regera Nakedcarbon 8

Koenigsegg says it took years to develop the technique. But now it's able to produce body panels, wheels, wings, splitters, winglets, and steering wheels in naked carbon. KNC is said to be impervious to weather and less likely to pick up rock chips. Koenigsegg also claims the KNC-bodied Regera is 44 pounds lighter than a painted one.

"It's not unusual for a customer to specify their car with visible carbon fiber. It's a beautiful material from a visual perspective and our customers love to show what the car is made from. KNC takes the idea of visible carbon fiber to a whole new level, revealing a beautiful lustre and a very silky finish," said CEO and founder Christian von Koenigsegg in a statement. "The Koenigsegg philosophy has always been about exploring extremes. It's great to extend that idea to a whole new way of finishing and presenting a car."

Photo Source: Keno Zache Photography

Koenigsegg Regera NakedCarbon 9 Photo 10/10   |   Koenigsegg Regera Nakedcarbon 9
By Collin Woodard
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