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MkV Toyota Supra GR Removable Sport Top Concept

The A90 Supra GR concept gets a Targa-top conversion an MkIV Supra rear wing.

Alex Kiersten
Dec 23, 2020
Author: Rodrez

Super Street: Let's go ahead and get it out of the way right from the very start: you don't agree with the BMW x Toyota collaborated A90 Supra. You wanted an updated version of the 2JZ-GTE with a manual, of course and that just isn't happening no matter how much you bring it up on social media, and you're confused. Confused as to why Toyota wouldn't cater to the enthusiast crowd, seeing as how there's so much fanfare and dedication to the A90s predecessor. We hear you and we get it.

002 gr targa concept Photo 7/7   |   MkV Toyota Supra GR Removable Sport Top Concept

The truth is, the JZA80 left some pretty big shoes to fill and the chances of an A90 living up to its older brother's legendary standards was pretty much impossible. Add to that the "shift" away from manual transmission vehicles across the board and the painful truth that far more non-enthusiasts buy brand new cars as compared to groups like us, who often buy older models and build them up and, well, that's that. This concept might add a little insult to injury for those angry about Toyota's direction in that it pulls in some spirit of the MkIV, but only from an aesthetic approach in its use of the iconic wing and a removable top. As you'll read below, MotorTrend digs it - how about you?

MotorTrend: Last year, when the SEMA show was still a physical affair in Las Vegas, Toyota showed off a GR Supra Heritage Edition show car that paired upgraded performance with the style (and, in modified form, the actual rear wing) of the legendary fourth-generation Supra. One thing it didn't have was the MkIV's available removable targa roof panel. It looks like this year's version will address that, and Toyota is calling this new GR Supra concept the Sport Top Edition. It's here in concept form on the heels of Toyota's other SEMA360 Supras, and the company has released a video explaining the car's creation, as well as photos of the ultra-hot concept itself.

003 a90 supra targa concept Photo 7/7   |   MkV Toyota Supra GR Removable Sport Top Concept

Toyota says this Sport Top concept is a companion to last year's Heritage car, and in the video Marty Schwerter, director of operations for the Toyota Motorsports Tech Center and lead for this project, gives us a sense of how it'll work.

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For one, the Sport Top's removable targa top is a two-piece affair, made out of composite, and with provision to store it in the Supra's trunk. Schwerter says the team hopes they can use a remote to electrically pop the targa's latches for easier removal, but the final mechanism is unclear. When removed, the roof panel stows in the trunk.

004 mk4 supra wing Photo 7/7   |   MkV Toyota Supra GR Removable Sport Top Concept

And without a permanently affixed roof panel aiding structural rigidity, some bracing had to be added underneath—the underbody reinforcements are said to maintain the coupe's stiffness, but it should be noted that this same chassis serves open-top duty beneath the BMW Z4, so the transformation is hardly earth-shattering. As for that rear wing you see? It's the retro-tastic rear wing from the Heritage Edition making another appearance; again, it's actually a real MkIV piece, modified to match the MkV's proportions.

005 a90 supra coupe vs targa Photo 7/7   |   MkV Toyota Supra GR Removable Sport Top Concept

It's a sweet look overall, especially in the Sport Top's simple white paint and with the same rad MkIV-style taillights used on the Heritage Edition. While the SEMA show this GR Supra ostensibly debuted "at" is virtual this year, here's hoping the Sport Top concept doesn't stay as hypothetical, and maybe a version of this roof design sneaks its way into production sometime.

By Alex Kiersten
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