Despite its strength in the sport compact scene, the Scion brand has seen a slight sales slump. Rumors of a wild revival plan surfaced when we heard talk of the Toyota FT-86 being moved under the Scion umbrella (perhaps as the fT?). It would be joining the super-small iQ, serving as a the knockout power of a one-two punch. The FT-86, with its ties to the Corolla AE86s of the mid-'80s, was slated to give Toyota a new foothold in the scene. Sticker price is also a concern. The Toyota/Subaru joint looks to start around $25,000, pricey for the Scion brand. Under what banner will the car ultimately sell better? The point is moot really - the buzz surrounding the rear-drive, Subie-powered, two-door coupe will make it a smash hit in the scene, which is in deep need of fresh blood and where our bread is buttered.