The highly anticipated FT-86 is still in “hover mode,” as Toyota unveiled a second true concept car, not a more production-focused prototype at the recent Geneva Auto Show. We really like the look, the angular menacing feel of the car, as it takes shape and advances toward production. According to Toyota, “The FT-86 II is an entirely driver-oriented concept, designed to give form to the intrinsic joy of driving through precise, instantaneous responses to even the smallest throttle or steering input, for those who regard driving as a passion rather than a necessity.” Under a design concept that Toyota’s European Design Development center, ED2, has dubbed Functional Beauty, its bold, sweeping form has been generated entirely through the constraints of function and aerodynamics developed from F1 technology. The powertrain remains the same: a Subie-sourced Boxer engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. The FT-86 program got rolling when Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries announced their joint-development agreement in August 2009. Sales of Toyota’s new sports car are scheduled to begin in 2012.