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Cooper Offers Consumers Four New Innovative Product Lines - News

The Cooper Zeon RS3-S is the latest summer tire in the Cooper Zeon ultra high performance line

Jul 6, 2011

FINDLAY, OHIO, JUNE 15, 2011 – With consumers keeping their cars on the road longer – a record 5.3 years – and driving more miles, it's especially important for drivers to stay on top of necessary repairs, and scheduled maintenance and inspections, including replacing tires on their vehicles as necessary. COOPER TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY (NYSE: CTB) has responded to this consumer trend by offering a broad size commitment in four new tire lines, including the Cooper Zeon RS3-S™ and RS3 A, and Discoverer A/T3™ and S/T MAXX.

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“Cooper’s commitment to providing customers with a consistent supply of innovative new products gives us a genuine competitive edge in our fast paced industry,” said Steve Sawyer, Cooper Tire’s director of brand and product management. “The launch of four new premium products in 2011 further proves our capabilities in responding to consumer needs during a time when cars need new tires more than ever.”

The Cooper Zeon RS3 ultra high performance tires are the smart choice for consumers providing technology, engineering, style and value, and have been designed for ultra smart performance and built to match the expectations consumers set for their everyday ride.

The Cooper Zeon RS3-S is the latest summer tire in the Cooper Zeon ultra high performance line. The tire’s tread compound is specifically formulated to combine dry and wet traction with crisp handling and high speed capabilities, making it an ideal summer tire. It is currently available in 19 sizes, with additional sizes being offered later in the year.

The Cooper Zeon RS3-A™ is Cooper’s newest all-season ultra high performance product. The RS3-A features large tread elements with an asymmetrical design, which provides drivers confidence year round. The tire’s advanced technology mold profile allows for more tread-to-road contact through a square tread footprint. The RS3-A can be found in 24 sizes, with additional sizes scheduled for later in the year.

The latest addition to Cooper’s sport utility vehicle and light truck tire line is the Discoverer A/T3. The A/T3 utilizes a balanced combination of technology, compounding and design to produce a tire that optimizes performance in all terrains. The progressive tread design significantly improves off-road traction without sacrificing highway performance. The Discoverer A/T3 can be found in 32 sizes for sport utility vehicles and light trucks.

Cooper introduced the Discoverer S/TMAXX™ in eight sizes. The commercial grade Discoverer S/TMAXX performs in the toughest conditions, while also maintaining remarkable on-road traction, stability and low noise characteristics. The S/TMAXX defines MAXX toughness and MAXX traction with its proven combination of the durable AmorTek3® carcass construction, a cutting edge cut and chip resistant tread compound and modern tread pattern.

Three of Cooper’s latest products are supported by the launch of two branded microsites on June 2. Found at and, the sites will enable consumers to directly connect with the Cooper brand and learn more about the new Discoverer and Cooper Zeon products.

About Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is a global company with affiliates, subsidiaries and joint-ventures that specialize in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of passenger car and light truck tires and has subsidiaries that specialize in medium truck, motorcycle and racing tires. With headquarters in Findlay, Ohio, Cooper Tire has manufacturing, sales, distribution, technical and design facilities within its family of companies located in 10 countries around the world. For more information on Cooper Tire, visit,, or


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