Mitsubishi is casting a keen eye toward green technology. As a result, the Eclipse has been put on the chopping block. It has been a coveted star of the tuning industry, especially in the early days when the early ’90s DSM provided our only portal to the venerable 4G63 powerplant. It’s a bit shocking to realize the sporty Eclipse has been with us for 21 years — it can vote and drink, for crying out loud. As a going-away party, Mitsubishi announced that a 4-cylinder Eclipse SE Special Edition will be offered in 2012. The SE includes special badging, black side mirrors and 18-inch blackout wheels. Other special equipment includes leather seating surfaces, heated front seats, a rearview camera, HID headlights, a 650-watt sound system and a sunroof as standard fare. Goodbye, old friend.