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Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Keep your car (and yourself) safe and sound on the track.

Dec 6, 2011

You’ve finally got your project car all dialed in and ready to shake down at the track, but there are a few things missing. Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to high-performance driving, because no matter who you are or what you drive, we’re all human and can make mistakes. Check out some of the best and latest safety equipment and race gear available.

ST8130 Street/Race dash displays
STACK ST8130 Street/Race dash displays are perfect for competition and high-performance vehicles looking for an all-business information display system. The displays are available in both black and white dial designs in a variety of rev ranges from 8000–13,000 rpm. This signature STACK analog and digital display technology replaces up to eight gauges in your vehicle, measuring only 7.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall. The display is fully sealed using STACK’s unique lightweight carbon-composite casing.

Modp 1112 01+race gear buyers guide+dash display Photo 2/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

3-D HERO HD video camera system
The 3-D HERO system has an industry-first modular design that enables consumers to combine two 1080p HD HERO cameras to form a single 1080p 3-D camera. Waterproof to 180 feet, the 3-D HERO System can be worn on the body, mounted on gear and vehicles, and used as a handheld camera. A dual-camera, polycarbonate, waterproof housing holds the two cameras together and a synchronization cable plugs into the back of each camera, enabling them to function as a single camera. A single shutter button controls both cameras.

Modp 1112 02+race gear buyers guide+hd video camera Photo 3/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Supreme helmet
The Bell Supreme is a Speedway Motors exclusive that offers outstanding features at an affordable price. The lightweight composite shell has a standard eye port, 281 SRV shield, SRV-2 pivot system and superior forehead and top ventilation. E-Max multi-density liner material provides maximum comfort. The Bell Supreme is Snell SA2010 rated and offered in white, gloss black or flat black.

Modp 1112 03+race gear buyers guide+supreme helmet Photo 4/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

ST8600 steering wheel display
STACK ST8600 steering wheel displays are incorporated into 270mm D-ring-type and 340mm conventional MOMO motorsports steering wheels. These compact integrated displays allow you to take advantage of formula car display technology in a variety of applications. Utilizing the latest digital technology with bright LED readouts for optimum readability and a matte-black aluminum case and wheel to minimize glare, STACK steering wheel displays provide drivers with the ultimate vehicle information center.

Modp 1112 04+race gear buyers guide+st8600 steering wheel Photo 5/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Safety Racing
Elite Series racing seat belts
The Safety Racing Elite Series seat belts from Speedway Motors combine great looks and superior protection. The five-point harness uses 3-inch-wide, platinum-colored nylon webbing, with contrasting black hardware and a latch handle cover to prevent accidental belt release. The harness meets SFI 16.1 specifications and can be used in a bolt-in or wrap-around configuration.

Modp 1112 05+race gear buyers guide+racing seat belts Photo 6/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Go Pro
BacPac detachable LCD screen
The LCD BacPac represents the first in a line of expansion modules to be released for the HD HERO camera. The LCD BacPac is a detachable LCD screen for the 1080p HD HERO camera. It attaches to the camera via the HERO Port, a small expansion port located on the back of the camera. As a removable accessory, the LCD BacPac keeps the HD HERO camera as small and light as possible, yet provides the convenience of an LCD screen when attached.

Modp 1112 06+race gear buyers guide+lcd screen Photo 7/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Pro Racer HANS seat
The Recaro Pro Racer HANS is made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) and features optimum interplay between the HANS device, harness, helmet and racing shell for the HANS system to achieve its full potential. Also available in XL sizes, which are 35mm wider than the standard Pro Racer HANS seat.

Modp 1112 07+race gear buyers guide+hans seat Photo 8/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Pro Drive racing suit
Protect yourself without spending a fortune with the Bell Pro Drive racing suit from Speedway Motors. This single-layer, one-piece suit features an innovative inner collar design, dual reinforced epaulets, 180-degree stretch inner arm gussets, elasticized belt sides and front pockets. Available in three colors, the Bell Pro Drive is made of Anti Flame III material and is SFI 1 rated.

Modp 1112 08+race gear buyers guide+racing suit Photo 9/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Digital video logging system
STACK’s next generation DVL systems have been engineered specifically to aid driver and vehicle development through advanced synchronized video data analysis. Two models, the Club-3 and Pro-4, define the lineup, providing compact, powerful, high-quality onboard video data systems solutions for club sports enthusiasts and professional motorsport teams alike. These all-new systems have been designed specifically with a motorsports data analysis focus and now incorporate key performance features including internal tri-axis G sensors, GPS data interface, data overlay and the ability to customize up to three or four high-resolution bullet camera inputs into a single user-defined video feed.

Modp 1112 09+race gear buyers guide+logging system Photo 10/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

California Car Covers
Chrome fire extinguisher
Put safety first by keeping one of these high-quality chrome-plated fire extinguishers nearby. UL-approved with a 2B:C rating to meet all NFOA requirements, these extinguishers use a siliconized sodium bicarbonate–based dry chemical housed in a steel cylinder equipped with all metal valve construction. The fire extinguisher is available in either a 1- or 2.5-lb size, which is ideal for street rods, race cars, trucks or SUVs.

Modp 1112 10+race gear buyers guide+fire extinguisher Photo 11/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Bolt-in Rollcages & Rollbars
Autopower rollbars and rollcages meet or exceed the safety requirements for most competition sanctioning organizations. The fit in your vehicle allows quick and easy entry and, most importantly, quick exiting, while conforming closely to your interior for a clean, unobtrusive look and feel. The bars and cages are certified MIG-welded and precision jig-notched, providing maximum strength and the best fit available. Most applications are a true bolt-in and require no welding.

Modp 1112 11+race gear buyers guide+bolt on rollbars Photo 12/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

D1 rollcage
The D1 is the trademark rollcage that’s finished with the CUSCO blue paint. Made from 40mm chromoly material, which is 33 percent lighter than steel, it provides uncompromised safety and chassis rigidity characteristics. These bolt-in rollcages are engineered by taking the data used from actual motorsports competitions as well as the most advanced chassis flex simulation software. Depending on the vehicle application, four through eight points are available, as well as left-hand drive models.

Modp 1112 12+race gear buyers guide+d1 rollcage Photo 13/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Tire Pressure Monitoring System
STACK’s groundbreaking battery-less Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) will change the way you look at vehicle setup, improve vehicle and driver safety, and improve race and tire warm-up strategies. Based on patented SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) sensor technology, STACK’s TPMS provides solutions that were previously associated with mounting batteries and complicated electronics in wheel sensors by eliminating the need for batteries entirely. TPMS Lite systems support three complete wheel sets, making them ideal for club sport and professional sprint style races.

Modp 1112 13+race gear buyers guide+tpms Photo 14/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Rollcage add-in bars
Additional bolt-in reinforcement bars are available for CUSCO rollcages in three different materials: carbon fiber, aluminum and steel. These make a great addition for diagonal and side bars, for those who want to add extra rigidity to their existing cages. Floor bars are also available from the main hoop to the chassis flooring.

Modp 1112 14+race gear buyers guide+add in bars Photo 15/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Latch & Link harnesses
All RaceQuip Latch & Link harness systems are constructed using drop-forged steel hardware for ultimate strength and reduced weight. All hardware is cadmium-plated for added protection. RaceQuip only uses 3-inch premium nylon webbing and all belts are box-X pattern sewn to ensure uniform stitch length and strength. Belts and hardware are routinely tested to verify compliance with SFI 16.1 standards.

Modp 1112 15+race gear buyers guide+harnesses Photo 16/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Direct multi-recorder
The HKS DMR is an affordable all-in-one solution for enthusiasts seeking video and data logging capabilities. The main unit contains a video camera, microphone, GPS and G sensors that enable it to record video, audio, GPS position, speed, distance traveled and 3-D g-force data on the 8GB SDHC memory card (included).

Modp 1112 16+race gear buyers guide+multi recorder Photo 17/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

The DMR kit includes two video cameras, a power cable, a video output cable, brackets, fitting accessories and HKS viewing software (Windows XP/V/7). If your playback PC has Internet access, the viewing software can utilize Google Earth or Maps to retrace your recorded route simultaneously during playback.

Modp 1112 17+race gear buyers guide+display Photo 18/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Evasive Motorsports
Tow stickers
These tow hook indicator stickers are made with a high-gloss finish for extra protection. This triangulated decal measures 4.25x3.75 inches and features the Evasive Motorsports logo. It nicely complements any tow hook.

Modp 1112 18+race gear buyers guide+tow sticker Photo 19/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Buddy Club
P1 Limited Edition seats
The bucket seat frame is designed to give full body support for any driving condition. It is strong and lightweight, while wear and tear is limited by applying suede material to the key points of the seat. High-quality mesh and wool mat were used to help air circulation and padding. The P1 seats weigh in at only 5 kg/11 lbs and are available in red/gray, black/gray and red/black color combos.

Modp 1112 19+race gear buyers guide+limited edition seats Photo 20/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Godspeed Project
996 rollcage
These rollbars and cages meet or exceed the safety requirements for most off-road tracks and will reduce the body roll by at least 40 percent. Godspeed Project bars and cages have been designed to easily install and provide maximum protection. The fit in your vehicle allows quick and easy entry and, most importantly, quick exiting, while conforming closely to your interior for a clean, unobtrusive look and feel.

Modp 1112 20+race gear buyers guide+996 rollcage Photo 21/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Full Face helmet
The Snell SA-2010 Full Face helmet is loaded with many features you would expect to find in a helmet costing much more. These features include a lightweight composite shell, an aluminum pivot kit with an adjustable friction lock, plus a silicone shield gasket to keep out dust and dirt. A wide eye port provides great peripheral vision and allows for the use of personal eyewear. The distortion-free, low-fog polycarbonate face shield is a full 3mm thick and comes with eight-position, hand-ratcheting, tear-off posts.

Modp 1112 21+race gear buyers guide+full face helmet Photo 22/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

HANS Devices
Sport Series neck restraint
Don’t gamble with potential head and neck injuries and get a Sport Series HANS Device from Summit Racing. You’ll get the same protection drivers in NASCAR, World Rally, F1 and other professional classes rely on. Made from injection-molded carbon composite, The Sport Series HANS Device attaches to your helmet and shoulder-style harness with adjustable tethers. In the event of an impact, the HANS Device will protect your head and neck from serious injury.

Modp 1112 22+race gear buyers guide+neck restraint Photo 23/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

LT Series fire protection systems
When it comes to protecting yourself and your car from fire, you can rely on a Safecraft fire suppression system — the brand used by more NASCAR, NHRA, and SCCA competitors than any other. Safecraft’s LT Series fire protection systems are permanently installed in your race car, ready to protect you in the event of a fire. They feature a billet aluminum discharge head with two separate discharge ports, allowing you to run a line to the engine and one to the cockpit.

Modp 1112 23+race gear buyers guide+fire protection systems Photo 24/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

HX-10II helmet
Carbon fiber is known for being a lightweight material that’s also strong and durable. That’s why HJC chose the most advanced carbon-fiber materials for the HX-10II. Suitable for every type of racing, the HX-10II provides full airflow with its Advanced Channeling System, along with a removable and washable Nomex interior.

Modp 1112 24+race gear buyers guide+hx 1241 helmet Photo 25/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

GP Pro Racing Suit
This lightweight, three-layer performance racing suit is designed for professional drivers. This suit features advanced safety materials and is constructed with strict quality and design standards for the best possible fit and maximum heat-transfer protection. An updated ergonomic design ensures the best fit for the driver.

Modp 1112 25+race gear buyers guide+gp pro racing suit Photo 26/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide

Summit Racing
Multi-layer driving jackets and pants
Quality driver protection doesn’t have to be expensive, and Summit Racing’s multi-layer driving jackets and pants provide SFI-approved fire protection at a great price. The jackets and pants are made for Summit Racing by G-FORCE and feature a Pyrovatex outer shell and a moisture-wicking inner layer to help keep you comfortable lap after lap.

Modp 1112 26+race gear buyers guide+jacket pants Photo 27/27   |   Race Gear Buyer’s Guide


Summit Racing
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Tampa, FL 33619
Buddy Club USA
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RECARO North America Inc.
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Los Angeles, CA 90061
Autopower Industries
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HJC Motorsports
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Stack Ltd.
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Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
HANS Performance Products
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Speedway Motors
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Evasive Motorsports
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South El Monte, CA 91733
California Car Cover
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Cusco Racing
Huntington Beach, CA 92647



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