What does limited production mean? We aren’t sure, but we seem to remember production numbers of 50, then 100, units of the LF-A being kicked around before production was nailed down to 500. Then Lexus threw a curveball with the Nürburgring Package of 50 units, but the automaker said the 50 units would be counted in the 500, not in addition to the 500. Lexus is at it again with another limited edition of the limited edition LF-A, dubbed the Tokyo Motor Show Edition or Tokyo Edition. This version features exposed carbon fiber on the roof and in the automated adjustable rear spoiler, as well as other body tweaks. Mechanically, the Tokyo remains unchanged as its 552hp V-10, 3.6-second 0–60 and 202-mph top speed has been deemed sufficient. We aren’t sure how many Tokyo versions will be built, but we expect them to be incorporated into the main production run.