Like a boomerang, the resurrection of the NSX has come full circle and some sort of replacement for the iconic Acura is back in play. Honda CEO Takanobo Ito hinted that a sports car project was in development while making a speech at the ’11 Frankfurt Motor Show. Judging by comments made at Frankfurt and after, the car will generate its performance from a power-to-weight ratio angle, not brutish, big-digit power. The numbers being thrown around include 400 hp, 42 mpg, 4 (as in all-wheel drive), 2014 and $100,000. With Honda’s affinity for hybrids and the 400hp/42-mpg benchmark, the NSX revival will be a plug-and-play affair. The skinny has the car starting off with a familiar philosophy — a 3.5- to 4.0-liter V-6 mounted amidships driving the rear wheels. The twist is up front, where a pair of hybrid electric motors provide forward bite. This type of drivetrain was originally conceived a decade ago in the four-seat Dualnote concept from 2001. (Acura High Performance Sports Concept from 2003 pictured.)