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May 22, 2013

Turbo Dynamics

MDX555 Range Turbos

Modp 1304 01 o+parts accessories products+MDX555 range Photo 1/10   |   Modp 1304 01 O+Parts Accessories Products+MDX555 Range

The MDX555 is a bolt-on upgrade for the single scroll Subaru Imprezas and is supplied with a full fitting kit. It comes in three part numbers: MDX555-400, MDX555-450, and MDX555-500. The bigger the number, the bigger the compressor wheel and the greater the horsepower.


AQP Socketless hose fittings

Modp 1304 02 o+parts accessories products+AQP socketless hose fittings Photo 2/10   |   Modp 1304 02 O+Parts Accessories Products+AQP Socketless Hose Fittings

Aeroquip Performance AQP Socketless aluminum hose fittings are the fastest and easiest fittings to assemble in the automotive aftermarket and now are available in black, a neutral color offering a glossy, high-tech appearance for underhood applications.

Eaton's new black AQP Socketless reusable hose fittings join the traditional red, blue, and nickel-plated version of the unique, barbed-end connections that don't require a hose clamp to secure them. Anodized aluminum caps enable the fittings to simply slip on.


Performance Damper for Honda S2000

Modp 1304 03 o+parts accessories products+fluidampr performance damper Photo 3/10   |   Modp 1304 03 O+Parts Accessories Products+Fluidampr Performance Damper

Destructive crankshaft torsional vibration accelerates the wear of critical engine components. Honda S2000 owners can now protect their engines while gaining power with the latest performance damper from Fluidampr. It protects across a broad frequency band throughout the entire rpm range with a far greater life span compared with tuned rubber-based designs. Fluidampr performance dampers never need to be tuned or rebuilt.


Steering Wheels

Modp 1304 04 o+parts accessories products+griproyal steering wheel Photo 4/10   |   Modp 1304 04 O+Parts Accessories Products+Griproyal Steering Wheel

Grip Royal's smooth stained wood, leather, and painted steering wheels with a variety of center colors are built to perform while looking just right in any cockpit, whether its on-track or cruising down the street.

Channellock Inc

360 Professional Multipurpose Welder's Pliers

Modp 1304 05 o+parts accessories products+channellock 360 professional multipurpose welder plier Photo 5/10   |   Modp 1304 05 O+Parts Accessories Products+Channellock 360 Professional Multipurpose Welder Plier

Designed as ideal six-in-one pliers, the Channellock 9-inch 360 professional multipurpose welder's pliers are 12 ounces of drop-forged, high-carbon C1080 North American steel ideal for quick and clean spatter removal. The have a knife-and-anvil cutting edge for long-term, superior cutting performance; an elongated nose with cross-hatch grips for secure drawing of wire or gripping of hot metal; and a welder bushings and nozzle installation and removal tool.

Pioneer Electronics

Single CD receiver

Modp 1304 06 o+parts accessories products+pioneer CD receiver Photo 6/10   |   Modp 1304 06 O+Parts Accessories Products+Pioneer CD Receiver

FH-X700BT, DEH-X6500BT, DEH-X5500HD, DEH-X3500UI, DEH-2500UI, and DEH-150MP fulfill the consumer's in-car entertainment needs with new cosmetics, expanded smartphone integration, and features developed to match today's music-listening trends. The new line-up is integrated with a mix of features and technologies including larger, multiline displays, iPhone-certified connectivity, Bluetooth 1 hands-free and audio streaming, App Mode, MIXTRAX, Pandora Internet radio, and HD Radio technology.


Sport and Super Sport Springs BRZ/FR-S

Modp 1304 07 o+parts accessories products+HR sport springs Photo 7/10   |   Modp 1304 07 O+Parts Accessories Products+HR Sport Springs

H&R ride development engineers have designed the H&R Sport Springs and Super Sport Springs with special progressive springs providing performance and superb ride comfort.

H&R Sport Springs lower the BRZ & FR-S 1 inch in front and 1.2 inches rear, while the Super Sport Springs lower the car 1.2 inches front and 1.4 inches rear for a more aggressive stance.


'93-'96 Mazda RX-7 Clutches

Modp 1304 08 o+parts accessories products+centerforce RX 7 clutches Photo 8/10   |   Modp 1304 08 O+Parts Accessories Products+Centerforce RX 7 Clutches

The dual-friction single-disc clutch series of clutches from Centerforce is now available for '93 to '96 Mazda RX-7s with the twin-turbo 13B engine. The dual-friction part number is DF506900 (pressure plate, disc, alignment tool, pilot bearing, and T.O.B.) The Centerforce dual-friction pressure plates feature patented processes to provide a performance clutch that offers exceptional street characteristics while offering outstanding holding capacity and durability.

Oil Eater

Tabletop Parts Cleaner

Modp 1304 09 o+parts accessories products+oil eater tabletop parts cleaner Photo 9/10   |   Modp 1304 09 O+Parts Accessories Products+Oil Eater Tabletop Parts Cleaner

Cleaning parts is easier, faster, and safer with the 5-gallon tabletop parts cleaner from Oil Eater. Measuring only 13x14x5.5 inches, the parts cleaner is ideal for automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts, and its portable nature makes it great for race trailers and toy haulers as well.

Magnus Motorsports

Remote MAP Sensor Boss

Modp 1304 10 o+parts accessories products+magnus motorsports remote map sensor boss Photo 10/10   |   Modp 1304 10 O+Parts Accessories Products+Magnus Motorsports Remote Map Sensor Boss

The Magnus Remote MAP Sensor Boss fits original and aftermarket Mistubishi-style MAP sensors found on 2g DSM and Evo 8. With this component you can remotely mount that unsightly MAP sensor to a more conspicuous spot in your engine bay-a must when switching to an aftermarket intake manifold or speed density setup.



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